Appetite Suppression – Is Following A Timetable Important?

Introduction And Background
One of the most important things that you can recognize and acknowledge in the weight loss process is that of appetite suppression. It is the key element behind your weight loss regime and it could be the deciding factor of whether or not your dieting will be easier to follow or will it be harder. If you have achieved appetite suppression, the rest of the dieting days will become fairly easier for you but if you have not achieved it, your dieting will only become harder on you each passing day. Think of it this way, once you have suppressed the appetite, you no longer have the hunger pangs and no longer feel the need to stuff yourself. You are content with whatever you are having or whatever your diet allows. Wouldn’t that be something?

Importance of Appetite Suppression
Appetite suppression is something that you just need if you want to lose weight. Otherwise, you will let go of your diet after three to four days or a week at most. Once you have suppressed the appetite, you can easily follow your diet. But understand the importance first. You cannot lose weight until and unless the number of calories you burn are more than the number of calories you are taking in. And you can only do that if you have suppressed the appetite and are eating little. It is pure mathematics and common sense! You will only dig in your fat reserves when you want more energy and are not eating enough to supply it all!

Is Following A Timetable Important For Appetite Suppression?
Yes, it somewhat is. When you follow a specific timetable and eat only at those times, you will be getting into the habit of only eating during the allotted times and it will save you from a lot of unhealthy habits such as having snack times in between as well as the art of binge eating. Once you have a set pattern, it becomes easier to follow it. You will look forward to the next mealtime and your mind begins to accept after a day or two that this is how it is going to be. And once that happens, appetite suppression is not far away. Your appetite will be reduced quite a lot and pretty soon the timetable that you had outlined for yourself will become quite easy for you to follow.

What If There Was No Timetable?
If there was no timetable, the consequences of that could be hazardous to your diet as well as your health. If there was no timetable to follow:

  • You will eat every time that you feel hungry because there will be no set mealtimes. And eating every time that you are hungry can be extremely dangerous for your weight. Appetite suppression is then not only an impossible thing, you will be moving towards gaining weight rather than losing it!
  • You might end up eating whatever you like. For instance, breakfast, lunch and dinner all have a set pattern. You cannot end up eating a huge steak for breakfast and you cannot eat eggs and pancakes for dinner. A balance is maintained that way, one that you need in your life for healthier living.

Make A Timetable And Follow It
After realizing the importance of the timetable, you will now have to make one and follow it in order to suppress your appetite. And then you have to make sure that you do not eat anything aside from the mealtimes in your timetable. Your stomach will learn to control itself that way too and a psychological role will play which means that you will follow the diet that is set out. Your appetite will automatically be suppressed once you start following the timetable. Give it two to three days and you will literally feel the difference. However, make sure your timetable is smart and does not contain a lot of mealtimes. Going with the basic three meals is one of the healthiest decisions one can make but if you want to go ahead and add a fourth, perhaps tea-time in the evening, you can do that as well. But stick to the timetable once you’ve made it, don’t add or subtract any meals according to your will.

Appetite suppression is not that hard to get once you know what can help you get it. All you have to do is eat less, follow a certain timetable and also to help yourself even more you need to eat the things that can help suppress the appetite too. Search for those foods such as apples, almonds and berries to name a few and you’ll be well and good. However, a balance is always good in life and a timetable brings that to you.