Appetite Suppression – Good Or Bad?

Introduction And Background

We all know that there is no weight loss without appetite suppression. We know that no matter how much we exercise or even if we climb the highest mountain or the tallest tower, all the burnt calories will come back if we enjoy a fried chicken meal and have a soft drink along with. Basically, what I am trying to say is that appetite suppression is the key element in weight loss and it plays the most significant role in getting your body into shape. So let me ask you this, how can appetite suppression be bad?

The Good Side Of Appetite Suppression

There are numerous benefits to appetite suppression. For one, you can easily lose weight if you suppress the appetite and keep yourself away from all the fatty food present. It is difficult to do so but it is the best natural mechanism you have against the disease of obesity. The benefits to appetite suppression are:

• There is hardly a chance that you’ll gain weight throughout the course of your life. It will save you from many diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and many others. It will also save you from pregnancy risk factors and coronary artery diseases.
• Appetite suppression makes you active. You’ll notice that fatter people are lazier while thin and lean people are quicker on their feet and they sleep less too. Appetite suppression makes you lead a healthy lifestyle without you even knowing about it! It is actually quite beneficial in this way.
• Appetite suppression ensures a good figure and it also makes sure that you are not on the road to facing any problems later in life because of weight such as poor posture and weird bone problems.
• It makes your body stronger because people who eat more are instilled into an energy drained atmosphere, despite the fact that they eat so much. People whose appetite is suppressed are stronger and their body is better developed and toned and as well.


The Bad Side Of Appetite Suppression

Well, this is news. There is no bad side of appetite suppression!


Bad Side Of Appetite Suppression For Weight Loss

Yes, this might cause some problems. For those who are trying to lose weight, appetite suppression is the worst thing they can think of. Firstly, make no mistake that those who are obese love to eat. This only goes to show how difficult it is for them to suppress their appetite and try and eat less even though their hunger pangs are driving them insane. This makes them annoyed and irritable and those who are on the diet and are suppressing their appetite are known to fight with those who are around them. It also causes trouble while doing work because with immense hunger pangs, it is hard to concentrate on anything. Appetite suppression is not easy and it takes a lot of will power for obese people to develop the habit of eating less and sticking to limited single portions while eating.

Can Appetite Suppression Be Made Easier?

There are a number of ways in which appetite suppression can be made easier. There is the technique of drinking water before every meal so that the stomach feels full. If this does not work then green tea takes away most of the appetite and it can help suppress it during proper mealtimes. However, if that does not work then there are always herbal supplements available which help in the mechanism of appetite suppression. They have no side effects and do not even cost that much. They are actually quite beneficial to the health as well since they are made from natural ingredients and also give nutritional value along with suppressing the appetite. It is a less painful process than having to exercise your complete will power on having to stay away from food.


Is Appetite Suppression Good Or Bad?

Keeping all things in mind and seeing what is written in this article, there is only one conclusion. Appetite suppression is good. There is no bad factor to it besides making the person a little cranky but it is overall good for your health. Appetite suppression can ever be bad for the health and as long as you are eating the right things in the limited portions you are having, you’ll have a healthy life.



The key to weight loss is appetite suppression. You cannot open the door until you put the key in the lock and try to open it. This is what appetite suppression does. Start eating less so that you begin to burn the energy reserves that you’ve stored in the form of fat in various parts of the body. It will only make your life easier and make you thinner. Won’t you enjoy life more then?