Appetite Suppression By Eating Frequency

Introduction And Background
Appetite suppression is something that everyone should know about, especially those who are planning to lose weight and want to do something about it. The thing is, you can exercise all you want but you will have to cut down on what you eat if you want to do something about what you see on the weighing scale. Without it, you really have a slim chance of reducing those extra pounds. However, having to cut down on what you are eating does not mean you have to torture yourself and eat nothing. There are ways in which you can keep the hunger pangs at bay but you will have to be very smart about it. This article will help to explain how you can cope with it.

Eating Frequency
This term means exactly what it says – that you can suppress the appetite by the eating frequency. Now, all the pessimists out there will probably wonder and say that this means they should skip meals and probably stick to two of the three standard meals of the day known as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some will already be planning their breakfast and dinner, skipping out on lunch. However, eating frequency does not mean this at all so hold your horses. It means that you can eat more frequently than you think, preferably after every 3 hours and that depends on the hours you stay awake! Eating after every three hours seems like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

Be Careful Of What You Eat
This does not mean that you can eat whatever you want and in any quantity that you want. You have to be more careful than that. You have to stick to your diet and not eat any high carbs or fatty foods and preferably protein meals or meals that are high in fiber and low in calories. Now you’ll be thinking that if you’re eating the same thing just more frequently, what good will that do. It will save you from spells of starvation which will become unbearable after a day or two and this is the reason that most diets fail – people are unable to continue them. This method was devised to avoid that and to allow people some grace period so that their appetite can lessen with time and then they can diet in whatever methodology that suits them. For now, eating more frequently but eating little and eating healthy is the key behind all of this.

How Can This Decrease Appetite?
Your next question would probably be about how on Earth can this decrease the appetite and if you are eating more frequently, shouldn’t that probably enable you to become in the habit of eating more and we all know where that leads – appetite increase! However, this does decrease the appetite. Do you want to know how? Basically, the stomach size is what matters here. If you are eating more frequently, that means you will be eating very little, probably eating in bits and pieces what you would have originally eaten throughout the day (if you weren’t doing that you should start doing that!) The stomach size will decrease because of that as it will get little by little after every few hours and before you eat again, the food you had previously eaten will be digested. There is a slim chance that the stomach size will face an increase because of this routine – it can only decrease because of it. This is mostly why people turn to eating more frequently, but eating very little on every set time because not only does it fulfill their needs, it also saves them from the hunger pangs that ensue and also makes their appetite small because by then they are pretty used to smaller portions as well.

But Bear In Mind…
You really have to be very careful about what you are eating. This does not mean you eat burgers and fries in divided portions throughout the day and certainly not a large pizza divided the same way. Your food will remain your diet food but you will be saving yourself from hunger spells that span over a larger amount of time and you can easily diet this way too. Many people are actually quite fonder of this method.

You can try this out, especially if you are trying to lose weight and nothing else seems to work. Plan your meals after every three hours throughout the day and make sure you are not overstuffing yourself on every meal. If you want to calculate, divide the two meals that you were going to have anyway in your diet into a set of probably five or six meals now and you can even add something to it if you are planning on exercising as well!