Appetite Suppression By Chewing Gum – Is It Healthy?


Introduction And Background
There are numerous ways to suppress the appetite for weight loss. There are some belts which help you to eat less since they are so tight, you don’t have space to eat anyway! There are some other ways such as having the tummy tuck operation done but that costs a lot and alters your body in ways you cannot imagine. Now, then there are other alternatives such as eating appetite suppressants. The appetite suppressants can be pills which are especially made for this specific cause or the appetite suppression can be done by utilizing things which are not meant for this but can do it. For instance, there are some vegetables and fruits which suppress the appetite. And then there is chewing gum…

Appetite Suppression – The Importance
Appetite suppression is immensely important. It is so important that you should know losing weight without it is almost impossible. You have to curb your appetite and eat less and fat free foods if you want to shed off the pounds from your body. People who think that only exercise is enough are wrong. Exercise sure helps you to stay at the weight you are but if you are eating normally or even heartily and then exercising, don’t expect yourself to get thin. You might be toning your body and it might look good for a little while but then you will still have to deal with the weight problem. Weight loss only occurs when you are burning more energy than you are taking in. And that can only happen when you eat less.

Appetite Suppression By Chewing Gum – Is It True?
There are many views behind this and we’ll encounter each one of them but the truth remains that appetite suppression by chewing gum is very much possible. Think about it, if you are constantly chewing at something in your mouth, you do not have to take in snacks. You are probably content with whatever you are eating and then get back to your chewing gum and then again, with all the facial muscles exercise you might even be losing weight around those areas! A lot of people chew gum to reduce their double or triple chins and a lot of people eat gum to get over their nerves for eating.

But Is It Healthy?
Appetite suppression by chewing gum may be true but the question that is asked here is whether it is healthy or not… It is not. Appetite suppression is not something that can be done easily and when one is doing it by chewing gum, there are consequences to it that are not very healthy for a normal routine. Some of these consequences that one has to deal with are:

  • Chewing gum brings you into the habit of chewing. You constantly have to have something in your mouth which can pose a lot of problems later on. One cannot chew gum their entire life and sometimes it can lead to a chronic habit of having a go at the unhealthiest snacks. A friend used to chew gum all the time and when she had to let it go, she was munching on packets of chips all the time. That led to a weight increase that she is still unable to get rid of.
  • Your taste buds are severely affected by having something sweet or minty in your mouth all the time and that can lead to poor food choices that are terrible for your health; especially if you have them more often now.
  • A lot of chewing gums have too much sugar in them but that can be handled by eating sugar free gums. However, you are still putting in processed food in your mouth from time to time which is not a healthy habit.
  • Even though chewing gum might stop you from devouring all the fatty food around, it is still considered to be extremely disrespectful and casual to be chewing gum all the time especially in gatherings. That can pose a bit of problems with the parents!

But The Good Side Is…
Even though it is preferable to not take in chewing gum for appetite suppression, it still manages to suppress the appetite anyway. Chewing gum also increases your facial muscle toning and enhances your alertness as it takes energy to chew and there is something in your mouth working you up for hours at a time. But keep changing the gum so as to not get cavities and make sure it isn’t too sugary in the first place.

The conclusion remains that although appetite suppression by chewing gum can occur, it is not the healthiest option there is. You might as well turn to eating vegetables and fruits to suppress the appetite and control your weight.