Common understanding about appetite suppression

Introduction and background

Let’s get your facts straight before you start reading this article. You cannot lose weight unless you control your appetite. Some people think that exercise is going to make you lose weight but the honest truth is, it does not make you lose weight but only helps to maintain it. Suppressing the appetite makes you lose weight. Exercise just helps. It does not do magic in the weight loss business. It is to maintain weight, to live a healthy lifestyle. And that is it. Don’t get this wrong, it does help. But just exercising…not really. You need to suppress the appetite. Then you will get somewhere.


How to suppress the appetite

There are some elements that help in suppressing the appetite naturally. They are:

  • Water. It is the best appetite suppressant you can get. Drinking water before a meal helps you to eat less because water has already filled up the stomach somewhat. It can also help control the hunger pangs and ease them out.
  • Vegetables. They do not suppress the appetite but since they contain little fat and make you feel full, you tend to eat less generally if you have a liking for vegetables and salads.
  • Tea. Especially the green tea; it can mobilize fat. It can make your appetite lessen considerably. Some dieters drink green tea if they find staying off food hard.

Appetite suppression can also happen by exercising. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Stomach clenches can pull in that protruding stomach of yours. And if the stomach size is reduced, then the appetite is automatically suppressed.
  • Do not eat to your fulfillment. Always say a little a hungry. This will help in controlling the appetite and if it becomes a habit, you are bound to stay fit your entire life.
  • Walking after having a meal also pulls in that stomach. It also helps in digestion.


Appetite suppression helps in weight loss more than exercise

Even without exercise, the body is still breathing. It is still moving and it is still working. It needs energy to do all that. And the energy comes from the stored reserves of carbohydrates and fats that are present in the body. Unless you cut down on the food you eat, weight loss won’t really take effect. Weight loss will only happen if you suppress that appetite and start consuming less. Then the body will start to use the stored fat. Otherwise, it will be pretty content with what you are taking in, no matter how much you exercise. A three hour workout won’t matter if you’re going to have deep fried chicken or a burger meal afterwards. Do that calorie maths and see if weight loss is possible with that.


Another way to suppress the appetite

Suppressing the appetite is hard for some. It does not come along as an easy task, especially for those who absolutely love food. There are herbal supplements available for the people who cannot seem to control their likeness for food. These herbal supplements are completely natural as their ingredients are natural. The herbal appetite suppressing pills are pretty successful in controlling appetites and have no side effects. They also provide nutritional elements to the body and are overall a generally safe and good way to achieve what you’re aiming for. These pills are not only safe, they are also affordable. Sometimes, the people cannot control their want of food but they have no huge amounts of cash in their pockets to go for the high tech treatments or elite gym fitness plans. In this case, the herbal appetite suppressing pills really help. And they are not just a fall-back. They are actually effective.



Keep the thought out of your mind that you can eat as much as you want as long as you exercise. It goes both ways. It is not a one sided relationship but the appetite takes in more weight in the scales if the importance level is measured. It controls the body fat you could say. Hence, do not eat out of the way and remember to drink water before you start eating anything. it will make you lose weight quickly.