Appetite Suppressants – Interesting Facts

Introduction and background

Appetite suppressants are mainly and frequently used for weight loss purposes.It is not possible to lose any of the extra pounds you’ve put on unless you curb the appetite. And it is not an easy thing to do. Trying to stay off extra food and controlling those hunger pangs is mighty hard, especially if the love for food exceeds love for good body and good health. Hence, appetite suppressants make the effort and job easier for those who are unable to control themselves. However, there are some things you should know about appetite suppressants and suppressing the appetite in general.

Appetite suppressants for weight loss

It is acknowledged that for weight loss, you have to exercise some control on that appetite of yours. Since people cannot tolerate the hunger pangs and have no way of losing weight, they turn to appetite suppressants for curbing their appetite. These suppressants work their magic and make you eat less without feeling hungry. This way, you can stick to a certain diet along with exercise and finally lose the weight you want to.

Do they have any side effects?

Yes, many appetite suppressants do have side effects. There are some that don’t, but the majority of them do. They are:
• Blood pressure problems and heart beat acceleration.
• Headaches and even migraines are known to occur at times.
• Anxiety and constipation are also amongst the side effect components and can really affect the mental and physical well being of the dieter.
• Dizziness can happen too. Drowsiness is also a common side effect.
• Dryness is experiences and excessive thirst is also noticed.
• Some users have also complained of insomnia.

Are they life threatening?

They are not life threatening exactly but they can cause minor problems. However, many say that if used carefully, they work terrific.

Do they work? Are they safe?

Appetite suppressants do work and are acknowledged to be better than any other medicine that boasts of cutting down fat. Doctors also agree that they are healthier than going on diets. Since they suppress your appetite, you do not need to further torture yourself by dieting endlessly and exercising.
About the safety though, you’ve already read the side effects. But do know that not all appetite suppressants are like that. There are some that have no side effects.

One appetite suppressant that doesn’t have any side effects

That would be the herbal appetite suppressing pills. They are quite effective if you are in for the weight loss. These pills are made of herbs and other healthy components that are entirely natural. They have no side effects and are quite effective. The herbal pills are not at all expensive either.

Exercise helps

Exercise is known to reduce the stomach size as well which will directly reduce the amount of food you eat. After all, you’ll feel full sooner if the stomach can only contain so much. So, even if you are having appetite suppressants, do not just sit around and wait. Do some exercise. It helps a lot.

A perfect body

A flat stomach is what you’ll get with appetite suppressants. A flat stomach will lead to other body parts reducing in size too, because you’ll be eating less and gradually losing weight which is the best way to go. Because then, if you lose weight the proper way without any crash dieting where you don’t have ANYTHING, then it is likely that will be hard for you to gain all that weight back as well. Relapse amongst dieters is the worst fear. And in this case, there is a low chance of relapse.


Accept that fact that weight loss cannot occur unless you control what you eat. Exercise can naturally assist but if not, then appetite suppressants can help you do that but you have to put in some effort on your part as well. Nonetheless, be careful in picking out an appetite suppressant for yourself. As mentioned above, herbal appetite suppressing pills are effective and do not cost much either. They don’t have any side effects either. Look into that if you’re thinking of curbing the appetite by appetite suppressants and not by exercise alone.