Weight loss Using Appetite suppressant fruits


Almost all of us want to look healthy, smart and good. This is the reason why most of us often struggle to increase or decrease our weight. Weight loss is one of the biggest concerns for obese people. There are various factors that contribute to increase our body weight such as sedentary lifestyle and greater consumption of junk food etc. Likewise, there are many different ways in which people struggle to lose their weight. However, in the pursuit of losing weight, people often end up with no results, side effects or even at worst with increase in their weight.

How to lose weight?

There are numerous ways of accomplishing weight loss; for instance medications, harmful lipo surgery and natural methods of weight reduction. Since we are living in the era of Information Technology, there are hundreds and thousands of companies that claim fast and effective weight loss using their medications and products. However, all these kinds of medications have side effects.
Secret of weight loss lies in simple formula. You just have to burn more calories than the amount of calories you are consuming. This can be accomplished by merely managing your diet effectively. Should you eat appetite suppressing food, you will see the results in the form of rapid weight reduction. Appetite suppressant fruits are very effective in facilitating weight loss.


Appetite suppressant fruits

Appetite suppressant fruits help you lose weight as you don’t feel like eating much after consuming them. They reduce your appetite and hunger pangs. In this way you eat less and reduce considerable amount of weight. Following fruits can suppress your appetite:
Apple: There is a famous saying,” An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. When it comes to weight loss, it can be restated as “An apple a day keeps your hunger pangs away”. Yes, it is quite true that apples suppress your appetite because of the high fiber content. In addition, apples are low in calories. Apple keeps you from overeating as the fiber expands in your stomach and you feel full for a long time. Besides, apples are rich source of vitamins, minerals and folic acid.
Oranges: Oranges also suppress your hunger. Oranges contain pectin fibers which provide only 70 calories along with suppressing the appetite.

Grapefruits: Grapefruits also contain pectin fibers and play same role in appetite suppression as that of oranges.
Other fruits containing pectin fibers: Appetite suppression is done by eating the fruit which has high fiber content and low calories. Other fruits which contain pectin fibers include gooseberries, plums, quince, guawas and berries.
Fruits with soluble fiber: Fruits with soluble fiber not only reduce your hunger pangs but also maintain your body sugar. Citrus fruits have soluble fiber. In addition to suppressing your appetite, they also contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are essential for your health.


How to burn body fat besides appetite suppression?

Appetite suppression helps you to eat less i.e. you consume less calories. However, in order to burn your calories, you can still choose some of the fruits that are helpful in this regard.
Low-carbohydrates fruits: Low-carbohydrates fruits are essential for regulating body temperature and expelling bad cholesterol from the body. Cardiovascular and nervous system receive energy from these fruits. Most importantly, these fruits are very helpful in burning excessive fat and enhancing weight reduction.
Dry fruits: Dry fruits are not only rich source of vitamins and minerals but they are also very effective in burning excessive fat and reducing cholesterol. In short, dry fruits can help you reduce your weight effectively.

Which other fruits are helpful in weight loss?

Nature has inculcated ample number of medical benefits in vegetables, fruits and other foods. Likewise, fruits not only taste good but are also helpful in reducing your weight. All the fruits which have already been listen in this article help reducing weight in one or another way. In addition, watery fruits such as water melon, musk melon and honey dew melon aid weight loss. Furthermore, they provide instant energy to your body.


If you have got tired of using expensive medications and harmful medical procedures for weight loss then now it’s a high time to manage your appetite by simple eating these fruits. In short, you are not even asked to stop devouring as you can eat these fruits and feel full longer. Besides, you don’t even have hunger pangs. Similarly  there are quite a few good fruit-based or herbal, purely vegetative appetite suppressants that can also be used to successfully suppress appetite.