Do you need appetite suppressing supplements?

Introduction and background

The key to understanding role and need of different dietary and appetite suppressing supplements is hidden in the name itself. i.e. “supplements” are only meant to “supplement” your food. They are supposed to act as adjuvant or additives to what you eat or drink. They should always be considered as a ‘secondary” source of nutrition and are not the actual substitutes to the real food. Today, mass media and internet continuously bombard us with the modern novelties in the form of various vitamins, minerals, herbal, mass building and weight loss supplements.


What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are preparations made to supplement your regular with various combinations of herbs (e.g. Ginseng), minerals (e.g. calcium), vitamins (e.g. Vitamin B complex, D, E and C), enzymes, proteins (amino acids), hormones (estrogens) and other substances.
Different dietary supplements come in different forms e.g. in liquid, capsule, powder and pill form.


What are appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressing supplements are those pills, drinks or foods that are meant to control, curb, reduce or block your appetite or hunger (desire to eat) within a specific timeframe so that you would not eat more. This “eating less” effect results in reduced calorie intake (low input) and yet you continue to expend more (high output) in the form of physical activity. The net effect of this whole process is the greater calorie loss leading to quick weight loss.


How would you know if you need a supplement?

There are several reasons nutritional / food supplements are used e.g. to enhance nutrition, as an add-on therapy to the medical treatment of a disease / ailment.
Your doctor, nutritionist or any health professional will be the best person to advise you about supplementing your diet with vitamins or minerals. Though many people get the proper supply of vitamins and minerals through their regular daily diets, some need additional sources to get the sufficient supply of nutrients.
Here are some reasons that you may want to consider to be a reason to take dietary supplement or appetite suppressants.

1- Imbalanced diet: If you do not eat a well balanced diet or if your daily food consumption is less than1200 calories, you may need to take nutritional supplements to adjust to your dietary demands.
2- Menopause: Women loss estrogen after menopause which results in bone loss. As vitamin D and calcium are essential for health and stronger bones, doctors recommend calcium and vitamin D supplement for most menopausal women.
3- Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you should consult your doctor to know if you need supplements. However, almost all doctors do prescribe certain supplements e.g. iron, Vitamin B complex and folic acid to ensure well being of both mother and the fetus.
4- Diseased condition: There are certain ailments in which your doctor may suggest to you to take some supplements. For example, if you want to lose weight or if you are obese, you might need a weight loss supplement for quick results. Supplements are also taken for health conditions, such as arthritis (joint disease) osteoporosis (bone disease), colds and the fever or as an immune booster in certain chronic immunocompromised conditions e.g. AIDS, Cancer, and Hepatitis B/C.

5-Fitness / weight loss: These are some of the commonest reasons to take dietary supplements or appetite suppressants. Body builders usually take amino acids or protein supplements to gain leaner muscles quickly and significantly. Likewise, weight loss supplements are frequently used by the obese or overweight people to get rid of the extra pounds efficiently. There are certain supplements that are completely natural (herbal & organic) and safe and work by suppressing your hunger in a natural way which eventually leads to lower calorie consumption and subsequent weight loss.



All in all, as a dual-edged weapon, a quality appetite suppressing diet pill dramatically reduces appetite while also decreasing calorie intake. In other words, it reduces your appetite so you eat less and consume fewer calories). This leads to progressive weight loss. In fact, there are some recommended appetite suppressants not only suppress your appetite, but also give you the energy you need to push on. One of the best benefits is that when such appetite suppressant is eaten even in small quantities, causes the sensation of hunger to cease and yet keeps you active and energized. As a result, you lose weight without weakness. It actually gives you feeling of fullness, while also controlling your satiety, appetite and hunger simultaneously. Hence, you tend to eat less and yet have a feeling of fullness in your stomach. On the other hand, it does not diminish your natural appetite and hunger. Rather, it “optimizes” them both and, hence, preventing you from any calorie deficiencies or malnutrition. Also, weight loss caused by such appetite suppressant is not “dramatic” and sudden. Rather it gradual and progressive and stay permanently upon regular consumption of the supplement. Here are certain time-tested supplements that have been successfully used by thousands of appetite-conscious people and weight loss enthusiasts.