Physical activity and appetite suppression

Physical activity is moving your body, plain and simple. It is said that move it enough and it will use more energy and burn more calories than you would normally use/burn. Exercise can be defined as a repetitive movement, structured and planned activities to maintain or increase one or more physical fitness components. Experts, researchers, doctors and fitness trainers now agree almost unanimously that weight loss without exercise or physical activity is either impossible or ineffective. However, not every physical activity or workout for you as it all depends on how you do it, when you do it and why you do it. There has been also some ongoing debate on whether physical activity will affect or increase the weight loss caused by using various appetite suppressants.


Types of physical workouts that work with appetite suppression

To lose weight, ideally, you want a combination of:


You need to perform aerobic activity (about 45 minutes/day) because it raises your heart rate and breathing, making your heart and lungs healthier. To get the real benefits of aerobics, you should do any of the following aerobic activities at least three days a week:

Examples of moderate / casual aerobics are:
• Brisk walking
• Hiking
• Dancing
• Rollerblading
• Skateboarding
• Bicycling

Examples of vigorous/ intense aerobics are:
• Running/jogging
• Swimming laps
• Aerobics
• Soccer
• Football
• Speed bicycling



Any movement that works your muscles helps strengthen them. Weight-bearing exercise; anything with walking, running or jumping; helps build and maintain solid bones. Muscle & bone strengthening (about 5 – 10 minutes/day) works your bones and muscles against gravity, your own weight or other weights, which builds and keeps strong muscles and bones. To get the real benefits of muscle and bone strengthening, you should do strengthening activity at least three days a week. This may include:
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Volleyball
• Tennis
• Jumping rope
• Weight lifting
• Sit-ups
• Pushups

Balancing & stretching

This should be done for about 5 -10 minutes/day because it makes you more steady and flexible, reducing your risk of injury. To get the real benefits of flexibility and balance exercises, you should do the following at least three days a week.
• Yoga
• Martial arts
• Gymnastics
• Stretching

Some single activities are more than one kind of exercise — like soccer, which is aerobic as well as muscle & bone strengthening.


How to exercise while using an appetite suppressant?

Exercise improves fitness, helps you relax and helps to control your weight by burning up your calories as you continue to use a quality appetite suppressant.

The best form of exercise based on the FITT formula:

F stands for Frequency. Do some form of physical activity 3 times a week, e.g. brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or aerobics.
I stands for Intensity or how hard you should push yourself. If you cannot talk while exercising, you are pushing too hard. Start slowly and increase the intensity based on your capability.
T is for Time or how long you should work out. Exercise for at least 15-20 minutes each time.
T is for Type or the type of activity you do based on your interest and your goals.

Some general benefits of regular exercise

• Strengthens your bones and muscles
• Improves your posture, balance and flexibility
• Makes you healthier
• Helps you manage your weight
• Makes you feel better about yourself
• Reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer
• Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
• Helps control your blood sugar
• Helps reduce feelings of depression and anxiety

Whatever exercise you’re doing, start slowly, and increase the intensity of your workout as you feel comfortable. If it’s hard to breathe, you feel faint or you just don’t feel well, STOP what you’re doing immediately, take a break and call for help if you need it. Adding a safe and natural herbal diet pill that could also work as an appetite suppressant will not only help you lose more calories during exercise but will also enhance your metabolism and yet keep you satiated. Fortunately, there are certain natural, organic and herbal appetite suppressants that naturally suppress your hunger and appetite and work best if you combine them with potential physical workouts or above-mentioned exercises on daily basis. The best of all, some of those appetite suppressants are very economical and free of any toxic side effects.