At What Time of Day is the Appetite at it’s Highest?

Introduction And Background

Weight loss has become a consistent problem for most people because of the eating habits that they’ve adopted over the years. It has become harder for working men and women to cook healthy meals at home and fast food is the ‘fast’ solution to their hunger and staying alive. As they’re used to stuffing themselves with fast food and oily items, their appetite increases along with their stomach size. To find the solution to this problem, they have to first curb their appetite. There is no other way to weight loss besides cutting down on the food you eat and changing the type of food you eat to a more healthier and less fattening type.

Importance Of Appetite

Appetite defines your weight. In other words, unless you have a really high metabolic rate because of some sort of genetic inheritance, you can easily judge what a person’s weight is going to be by the appetite they have. Those who eat more will weigh more. Those who eat less will weigh less. It is as simple as that.


Time Of Day That Appetite Is Highest

The time of day during which you feel the hungriest varies with every individual. Some find themselves feeling hungry as soon as they wake up. Some find their appetites raging by the afternoon or the evening and some cannot fathom why they want to devour everything by dinner time. However, research shows that most people’s appetites are highest in the morning, before they have had breakfast.

Calories are burnt even while you are sleeping and in fact, sleep is the time during which most of your calories are utilized (a fact which most people are unaware of). This is why doctors often say that insufficient sleep can make you gain weight. Hence, as soon as you wake up your stomach feels empty and you automatically want to eat something to start the day on a good note. Breakfast also helps boost your metabolic rate for the day. No wonder your appetite is the highest during breakfast time, it is your energy booster for the day!


Factors Affecting The Appetite

Just like the appetite differs for everyone during the time of the day which for them is it the highest, the same way their appetites are also different. There will be some people who hardly have a single portion and are full and there will be those for whom two or three servings would never be enough. There are factors that affect the appetite of which some are:
• The physical activity you do. Men and women whose work consists of a lot of physical exertion will require more calories than the average worker. Thus, they will have larger appetites because they need more energy.
• Genetic factors. These play a huge role in the weight, appetite and metabolic rate of a person. It can even be the factor responsible for your obesity at times, even if you are not really doing anything to become overweight.
• The weather. People living in colder regions are bound to have a huge appetite. They need to keep their body temperature to a warm level and to maintain that they need to eat foods so that they can generate the heat. Those living in sunny areas seldom feel hungry at odd times and do not even eat much during mealtimes because eating excessively makes them even more hot which is unbearable if they are in a warm temperature location.
• The mood. Believe it or not, mood can really affect and influence the appetite. There are two different reactions to the mood of depression; in one, you lose your appetite completely and in the other you begin to eat more than normal.


How To Suppress The Appetite?

Appetite suppression is not an easy feat, especially for those who love food. It is a process which requires time, patience, tolerance and a lot of endurance. You’ll feel hunger pangs constantly but in order to reduce the appetite, you’ll have to bear them. But there is another way through this, a much easier way which is also beneficial as well as nutritious.

It is the way of Herbal Appetite Suppressants. They are not at all harmful and are not like any weight loss medicine which has many hidden side effects. Herbal Appetite Suppressants are made from natural herbs and do not consist of any rendered dangerous chemicals. They suppress the appetite naturally and you won’t even have to bear the torture of waiting long before they take effect because most people have used them and they have produced good results.


Appetite can be highest during any time of the day really. It depends on your routine as well. But most people’s appetites are highest during the breakfast time. They can even overeat in breakfast times and other meal times during which they do not feel hungry either. Still, there is a way to control this; Herbal Appetite Suppressants. And they’re not even costly!

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