Appetite Control Via Mind

Introduction And Background

When obesity is something you want to get rid of, you try to find out the best diets in the world which can help your cause the quickest way. The numerous diets you shortlist are to your liking but more often than not, you forget what is more important than the diet you plan to follow; your will power. A lot of people have started on diets and failed due to loss of will power and mind control over their appetite and hunger. Of course, you can eat such foods that will help immensely and cut down on the calories majorly but unless your mind is willing, you won’t be able to do any of this stuff. Read on further to learn the art of appetite control via mind.

The Hunger War
Those who are facing the wrath of hunger will say they feel it all in the stomach but researchers claim that the want is felt as much in the mind as in the stomach. There are a lot of factors which have proven that psychological warfare occurs while on a diet and sometimes the stomach wins while sometimes the mind. There are numerous people who have lost weight just by knowing how to control their hunger with their mind and influence their thinking over their bodily needs. The hunger war continues but it gets easier with time. And why is that?

Appetite Control – Easier With Time
Imagine a plastic bag. It is as big as your leg. There is more space and the bag will want to be filled till the end. Now imagine that it learns to control itself with time and suddenly becomes the size of your arm. It will hold lesser things now and be satisfied with those things because it knows it can’t hold any more. This is what happens with the stomach. Dieting is hardest when you start on it but it gets easier with time. Your stomach size gets reduced and then you are content with what you eat rather than craving for more.

How To Control The Appetite With Your Mind?
The mind can help you trick yourself to reduce your appetite. Here are a few simple tricks that you can apply and they will eventually lead you to a leaner, thinner body.

  • Eat Slowly
    This is a tip that helps everybody. Rather than rushing through the food like a maniac, even if you are feeling very hungry, just eat slowly and chew gradually. Your mind will think that you have been eating for a very long time and you will automatically start to feel content rather than wanting more, even if the portion you had was very small. Eating slowly can really help your cause and before you know it, you won’t even feel those hunger pangs kicking in because in your head, you took a lot of time to finish off that meal! Eating slowly also helps your body in digestion and puts less of a strain on your stomach because there are no big food boluses going down.
  • Savor Every Bite
    It is essential that you are aware of every bite you eat and get the full taste of things. By doing this, not only are you enjoying the act but you are also giving your mind the peace which might have been screaming ‘EAT EVERYTHING’ before. When you savor every bite, you also eat slowly and you enjoy your meal. Rushing through things is not helpful at all, remember that. And you don’t have to eat slowly only, you should enjoy each and every single bite. It’ll give you the feeling of contentment and will probably make you avoid second helpings if you can.
  • Take Ten Seconds, Shake Your Head
    Psychologists often tell their patients a neat little trick to avoid food. When there is something you want to eat badly, take a full ten seconds to look at it and shake your head while at it (to the left and the right). Say no to it and then turn away if you can. This usually helps to avoid the fatty meal because the ten seconds give you time to weigh the entire situation rather than just attacking the food. It has helped many people, those who are truly willing to lose weight and control their appetites.

Appetite control is very much possible via the mind. All you have to do is try it out. And to be honest, there is no weight loss without a little will power and exercising a little restraint and that all comes from your brain of course. Thus, if you truly want to shed those extra pounds, you better get your mind to exercise the restraint and to make life easy on your hunger pangs in the stomach!