Appetite Control Is All About Self-Control

Intrduction And Background
It is easy to read about a diet and appetite control but very difficult to actually do it. For one, your love for food is enough to get you to give in to your cravings and the terrible cravings are entirely another story. Now, what you need to do is not give in to that. And for that you need to have self-control. Self-control does not come that easily and you have to work at that too but once you get the hang of it, you are the master of your appetite! Appetite control is pretty important where weight loss is concerned.

Why Is Appetite Control Important?
Why do most diets fail? Why do obese people complain all the time about their weight but are unable to do anything about it? It is because appetite control is something that does not come that easily! Think about it, why are people obese in the first place? It is because they love food. Now imagine that a large bag which craves food all the time. When you are unable to fill it, it will obviously make life miserable for you. This is what happens to a stomach in obese people. It is large and it craves food. In order to get it back to size and used to it having lesser food, you need to practice appetite control. You need to lose more calories than you take in and for that you need to keep a check and balance on what you need. Thus, appetite control is essentially the most important element in your diet without which you might as well not diet at all!

Appetite control is all about self-control. Of course, there is liposuction and some people have their stomachs stitched up so there is automatically less space. But that should be a last resort. You should try to lose weight naturally and with a little self-control. That is the most important thing. To achieve self-control, there are numerous things you can do. You can also use little tricks to trick yourself into thinking less about food. Here are ways in which self-control can be helped.

  • You should, before every meal, fill up your stomach with water. That automatically gives you less space for the food and you will eventually start eating less if it becomes a habit!
  • There is a method that psychologists and psychiatrists alike tell people to use when they have to lose weight. When you want to eat something and cannot control yourself, take a full ten seconds before eating it and shake your head, saying no to yourself. You can say it out loud or in your mind. After ten seconds, it will probably be easier for you to control yourself because your aim and goal will come back in mind after that momentary lapse and you can easily let go of your craving and turn to other things. Of course, this method is not magic and it does require an effort on your part.
  • Try to tell yourself about the number of calories in a meal before consuming it. It will help immensely in the long run and eventually the large number will make you worry and you’ll refrain from having any heavy meals or any sweet stuff that can ruin your diet.
  • There are foods, especially certain fruits and vegetables that have nutrients in them and elements which alert the brain and sends signals to the stomach of satiety. They make you eat less automatically. Try and do your research on them. Berries are considered a good feel full food! So are almonds!

Protein Alert
There is nothing like self-control from protein. Protein does not make you fat and is the most important food for your body so is almost in every diet. The best part about protein though is that it immediately makes you feel full and since protein digestion takes time, you do not crave for anything else for a longer period of time. This is why it is essential that you have a good protein breakfast. It will help immensely in your self-control and will also boost up the metabolic rate for the day. This is exactly why breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day and why dieters should never skip it at any cost.

Appetite control is definitely all about self-control but then again, it is all in you. Only you can use the cheat tricks and control your mind into saying no to food. Only you can actually refrain from giving in to your cravings. Self-control is hard to achieve but it is achievable. The only thing is, you have got to want to lose weight more than you want to eat that bowl of ice cream.