Self control and appetite suppression

Introduction and background

By its very definition, the term appetite suppression refers to the blocking, reducing or inhibiting one’s desire to eat more. In may also refer to “curbing one’s appetite and decreasing food hunger”. While appetite suppression can be used for a variety of purposes, it is most frequently and mainly used for weight loss purposes. The following article is intended to highlight and discuss the profound relationship of appetite control and mental self control for the same. Read on to discover more:


What is self control?

The term “self control” simply refers to the psychological ability or mental capacity of exerting one’s will power to do or not do a certain act. For example, if an alcoholic or drug addict is exercising self-restraint against his addictions, he will be required and asked to practice regular, strong and consistent self control to control, manage and then eventually leave that addiction. The same principle applies to the self control for appetite suppression as well.


How is self control for appetite suppression is exercised?

Experts dieticians, nutritionists, weight loss coaches, psychologists, and mental health experts have suggested that with strong will power and its proper and regular application, appetite suppression can be made easy, progressive and much stronger. In fact, it is now widely accepted that, if done properly, mental self control of appetite suppression can be as effective as other modes of appetite reduction such as drugs, supplements and foods. In fact, self control of appetite is completely free and 100% safe.


Tips on exercising self control for appetite suppression

In order to practice successful self control of appetite suppression, the following hints and tips have been suggested and recognized:


1- Make a weight loss diary

You should ideally make and follow a weight loss diary in which write down your daily experiences and reminders about various foods that you need to eat or avoid. In the present era of communication, you can also use iPad or your laptop for the same purpose.


2-Remind yourself

Your conscience needs to remind yourself consistently and continuously that you do not want to eat more. Research has shown that many times it is merely the “food addiction” that tricks our brain into believing that we are hungry and need to have food. In most of the cases, food  is our “want” and not “need”. However, believing on the contrary, we think that our body needs food while in reality it does not. Therefore, with the help of your conscience, you must keep on reminding your mind that it’s just the desire / want and not the “need”.


Use some good appetite suppressant as an adjuvant

Using a natural and safe herbal appetite suppressant as an adjuvant acts synergistically with your will power to help control and curb appetite. Fortunately, there are quite a few good natural and safe herbal appetite suppressing supplements and  diet pills that, with the help of strong will power and self control, can surely do wonders for the overall weight loss effect and within minimum time frame.


Where is a will, there is way

As the old, traditional saying goes, if you have strong will power, it will eventually decide the fate and chances of success of your weight loss journey. The problem that causes most of the failures in any typical diet or weight loss program is the fact that most people lack consistency or even if they do have the aim and ambition of losing weight, they lose it gradually or leave the regimen abruptly. This, however, should not be the practice. You should know that your body and health is precious and it should be taken care of well, from the beginning to the end.



Finally, if you have strong will power that you are able to maintain throughout your weight loss journey, you will not only control your appetite in the best possible way, you will actually save a lot of money as well. Besides, adding a safe and natural appetite supplement never hurts. You should check out some time-tested and recommended appetite suppressants that could act along with your self-control and will power and, that’s how, you will be able to blast off maximum body fat within the minimum time frame.