Appetite And Sleep Connection

Introduction And Background
Sleep has a very interesting effect on people. It can majorly affect your mood. Those who have had enough sleep are very fresh and active in their daily life. Those who do not get enough sleep are either very cranky or moody or they are very dazed and confused. Those who sleep more than necessary are either lazy or soon suffer from some kind of depression. It’s a fact that sleep has quite an effect on human nature and wants. And in this article, we are going to discuss one of those effects and that is the relationship between appetite and sleep. Their connection is an interesting one. Read on further to find out.

What Less Sleep Can Do To Your Appetite
For many years, researchers have claimed that less sleep has an indirectly proportionate association with appetite. Those who sleep less will eat more. There are various reasons for this. The first reason is obvious; the more you stay awake, the more you are likely to eat. The number of hours increases and your body needs energy for working overtime or for charging up. Levels of ghrelin have been measured in men and women who are sleep deprived. For those of you who are confused, ghrelin is known as the hunger hormone. The levels of ghrelin were much more increased in those who did not sleep a great number of hours in comparison with those who had had an adequate amount of sleep. Their portions became bigger and they were fonder of snacking than they were before. You might have experienced this as well, especially in student life. For all-nighters and then to get that energy boost, a lot of people increase their appetite as their sleeping hours gradually decrease. Studies have also shown that there is an unhealthy choice towards junk food rather than healthy food when a person is sleep deprived.

What More Sleep Can Do To Your Appetite
Too much of a good thing is not good, you might have heard this phrase. And it is true in most cases. Sleeping and eating are two things that a human cannot survive without. It is the most basic of human needs without which it is impossible to lead a healthy and normal life. Those who eat a lot can become obese as well. Sleeping more alters the metabolic rate and that is awful for those who want to lose weight. It might seem strange how sleeping more can make you gain weight because sleeping less was making you eat more and increased your appetite. Sleeping more does not exactly affect the appetite but it also alters the way you eat. You do not have proper meals and if you are sleeping then you probably skip some meals too. Some people sleep through breakfast while others skip dinner. However, the appetite mostly remains the same. It has no effect on the appetite that cannot be dealt with easily.

Adequate Sleep
Sleeping the correct amount of hours, about seven to eight daily, is the perfect way to go about it. Your mood remains good. You are not cranky and your work or studies do not suffer because you are fresh and have had a normal amount of sleepy time. Your metabolic rate also stays good and stable this way and…your appetite also remains normal. You eat the right amount and are more prone to making better decisions food related. With more sleep, you don’t really care and with less sleep you will always be more inclined towards junk food rather than eating healthy or making an effort to eat healthy. Ghrelin levels are normal too when you have had adequate sleep and you don’t have to deal with unnecessary hunger pangs. Sleep also deals with the way you think about food, as mentioned above. Having adequate sleep is immensely healthy for the appetite and you will also lean more towards stuff that will benefit your body rather than selecting a quickie snack.

How Much Does Sleep Affect Appetite?
This question really requires no answer now but just for your satisfaction, the answer is A LOT. As you have read above, you can clearly see how different sleeping patterns can alter your perception about food and how habits can also change. Thus, sleeping more or sleeping less is not good. You need to have an adequate amount of sleep.

If you do not want to deal with obesity or putting unhealthy things in your body and if you want to eat healthy things as well, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day. This has to be in a stretch too because taking naps can also make you cranky. Eat healthy, walk healthy and sleep healthy too. Your appetite will be just fine after that.