Appetite And Its Control From Brain

Introduction And Background

We groan and complain about trying to lose weight but it is because we do not pay attention to the root cause or try to understand why we are fat in the first place. The thing is, there can only be two (actually three) reasons why we are fat. We do not have any physical exertion in our routine which can burn calories. We have a large appetite and the exercise to appetite ratio becomes severely inversely proportionate. The third reason has more to do with medical problems. Women often have thyroid gland problems which can lead to increased weight even though they exercise and do not eat the much. Tough luck!

Appetite And The Phenomenon

We all know what appetite is. Just to make things clear, I’ll try differentiating it from the other typical food eating feeling which is known as hunger. Where hunger is the natural body response that comes when we require an increase in blood sugar, appetite is purely psychological where we feel that we want that food no matter what. Appetite is the brain response, where the receptors of our mind induce us into eating certain foods we like even though we do not require them to function properly.

The Appetite Control From Brain

There is a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which is basically responsible for the hunger and appetite part. Though the hunger response radiates through the entire body, the power to control the appetite rests in the brain alone. It regulates the appetite. Many scientists and doctors have tried in vain to focus on the hypothalamus to enable some control on it to control the appetite too but since the small part of the brain is responsible for other functions as well such as temperature control and thirst, it is difficult to try to control the main appetite factor only. Drugs have been tried in trials but there is still extensive research to be done on the matter before a perfect chemical is achieved to control the appetite.

The Psychological Factor Behind Appetite

Appetite has more to do with our psychology, than our need for food. The need can be satisfied by a small serving but it is the appetite we have that makes us fill our plates again and again. It takes will power and restraint to control the appetite, especially if we have enlarged it somehow by eating excessively and also increasing the stomach size.

If The Appetite Is Psychological, Why Do We Take Supplements…?

This question is pretty unique and valid. If science tells us that our brain is solely responsible for the appetite we have then why do we take supplements for it? Why don’t we take drugs for the brain so that it would stop the appetite increase? The thing here is as I mentioned above, it is tricky to take drugs for the brain as it is the most complex organ we have. We cannot alter it or else diverse effects can take place, ones which we cannot find cures for quickly. In cases like these, we need to deal with what we have. We need to take the supplements so that they do not enable hunger pangs and make our body feel as if we have eaten to the extent of the requirement needs. The herbs and chemicals found in supplements make us feel as if our appetite has been fulfilled somehow. Those on a diet often take supplements because they cannot seem to control their appetite on their own.

Hypnosis For Appetite Control

Since the appetite can be controlled purely by mind control, those on a diet also undergo hypnosis to control their urges to keep eating more even though they have taken food to stay alive and healthy. Hypnosis has known to help a lot of people and those who do not wish to take any external supplements or drugs for the appetite control can try this mind control.

Herbal Supplements For Appetite Control

Herbal supplements for appetite control are actually good in a way because they are made of herbs which are good for the body other than just controlling the appetite. They do not have any side effects either like other drugs in the market and herbal supplements is actually known to work. The best part is that they are not that costly and everyone can afford them. They do not require any prescriptions by the doctor either. Try them out if you want to control the appetite to achieve weight loss.


The brain is a very powerful thing. It controls every possible action that takes place in the body, including the one for appetite. We can try to establish will power and control the appetite naturally but if that is difficult then there are alternatives like the ones I have mentioned above.