Anorexia Explained And Its Impact On Life

Introduction And Background
There are several eating disorders in this world but one of them is quite famous and that is anorexia. In your lifetime, you would have seen at least one or two anorexic people. You might not understand why they are like that and what the implications of their being anorexic holds, but you know that they have this condition. In this article, you will understand the term better and know the signs and symptoms and you will also be told about how anorexia impacts the life of those who are suffering from it.

What Is Anorexia?
By now you know that anorexia is an eating disorder. It is a disorder in which a person becomes so obsessed with their looks and body weight that they are literally starving themselves. Anorexia usually develops in teenage girls but there are many adults who suffer from it too. They have this severe psychological self-influence that the weight they are at is overweight even if they are visibly and sufficiently underweight! They also think that their body weight, even if healthy and perfect for someone of their age and height, is extremely high and they should diet and lower it as soon as possible. A person who is suffering from anorexia will not have much food intake and they might even exercise routinely!

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Anorexic Patients?
Anorexic patients have different signs and symptoms but the most common one is extreme weight loss. Here are a few of them which some might have and some might not have. It all depends on how extreme the anorexia is:

  • The appearance of that person is really thin which of course happens because of the really low food intake.
  • The blood counts tend to get abnormal because of severe malnutrition.
  • The person experienced a lot of fatigue and laziness. They can even become prone to dizziness and or even faint if things go to the extreme.
  • They have hair problems. Either the hair has become too thin or it breaks easily.
  • Constipation is experienced at a usual basis and the skin also gets too dry.
  • Low blood pressure is seen.
  • Dehydration is experienced.
  • Osteoporosis can also occur in extreme cases as well as liver problems.

How Can One Detect Anorexia?
Of course when a person has been anorexic for a long period of time, you can easily see it but before things get worse, the warning signs at the beginning are always there. The refusal of a person to eat at mealtimes or feign that they are not hungry can be one of the signs, especially if it starts happening frequently. If they are obsessed with their body weight too, then they are actually on the way to becoming anorexic.

Its Impact On Life
Anorexia has a severe impact on life. You might think it strange but the fact remains that anorexia can mess up one’s life completely. Here are the few impacts that it has on life:

  • A lot of time the student, if young, is forced to withdraw from school or college to look after themselves and get their health back. It has happened numerous times where there health has deteriorated to a dangerous level because of anorexia and they are given time off so that they can get back to normal with the help of their family.
  • Sometimes people also experience no connection towards their faith anymore, citing an indifferent attitude to religion because they are so occupied with the world and their body.
  • If the person is from the working class, his or her career suffers due to anorexia. Due to their lack of food, they are always tired and unable to work properly and in the end it also affects their way of thinking and their attitude. No one likes a lazy person who is irritable and unable to perform up to the task.
  • Gradually, a person also starts to become isolated from friends and family because they are unable to enjoy and eat while others do so. In order to keep eating less, they start to avoid social gatherings and then soon go into isolation which is extremely unhealthy.
  • Anorexic people have also had thoughts of suicide and there are several cases in which the act was acted upon. It can get pretty dangerous if the levels of anorexia go to such lengths.
  • Anorexia also causes infertility and this can actually harm and emotionally affect a person.

As you can see, anorexia is a serious disorder! Its impact on life is to the extreme and if there is a person you know who is anorexic, best get some help for him or her as soon as possible. Anorexia should be dealt with in time before things get out of hand.