5 Surprising Appetite Suppressants

Introduction And Background
Appetite suppression, as you all might know, is the one thing every dieter truly dreams of achieving. Not only will it help to make the dieting process a lot easier, weight maintenance will also become a dream not far away if one has suppressed the appetite for good. While most think that appetite suppression can only be achieved by eating less, they are in for a surprise now. They do think right though. You have to reduce your portions and servings in order to achieve appetite suppression but it also matters what you are having too. There are many foods that can help you to feel full sooner or can make you content and reduce the appetite. But in this article is a list of five surprising appetite suppressants that can help you to finally get what you want. Don’t worry; they are everyday things, nothing out of this world. Maybe that is why they are surprising suppressants!

Surprising Appetite Suppressant #1 – Water!
This might seem as either very odd for you or very accurate. But think about it for a moment. Water does not give you any calories, yet it fills up your stomach quite nicely. That is the trick that you will apply here. Drink water about fifteen to twenty minutes before every meal which means that there will automatically be lesser space for the food you are about to eat. If you add all this up, it means that you will become content quickly with the little food that you have eaten because your stomach was already full with water before and now has food too. This helps a lot of people. However, be sure never to drink water immediately after finishing your meal. It will expand your stomach further and also hinder digestion a bit, not good for your health.

Surprising Appetite Suppressant #2 – Sleep!
Believe it or not, your sleep has a profound effect on your appetite. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are tired and will often snack up on different things just to stuff yourself or give yourself some more energy to stay awake. Your metabolic rate is also affected this way and it becomes slower too, making you lazier and thus more prone to eating food to give you more energy. If you have had enough sleep, you are fresh and are better at making food choices the next day. You do not snack up on different things unnecessarily and are more likely to stick to your diet. Eight hours of sleep is the minimum that you should be getting and nine hours the maximum. Be sure to get this many hours of sleep at one stretch though. Having naps in between and a tired routine can also leave you disoriented.

Surprising Appetite Suppressant #3 – Berries!
Berries are actually quite well-known in the dieting circles as being one of the better appetite suppressants. When you think of berries, you automatically think ‘oh no, carbs!’ This should not be the case because berries do have carbs but not a lot of them. They are high fiber food actually and we all know how good fiber is. It makes you full sooner than soon and does not give you many calories either! It is also good for your digestive tract. Berries also have a lot of vitamins in them, being good for your health as well.

Surprising Appetite Suppressant #4 – Apples!
Apple is often considered to be the healthiest of fruits but rarely does a person look at an apple as an appetite suppressant. Well, they should start to. Not only are apples healthy but they contain a good amount of fiber in them and do not have that many calories either. Like berries, apples also make the perfect option of being a terrific appetite suppressant. If you are feeling hungry, have an apple. You will be content after that won’t feel the need to eat some fried food or packet of chips which will give you calories and will make you even hungrier later on!

Surprising Appetite Suppressant #5 – Cucumbers!
Why only use them in salads? Cucumbers have cellulose in them as well as fiber and are considered to be one of the best low-calorie foods there is. Eat a whole cucumber if you are feeling hungry. In fact, eat it before you are about to have lunch, guaranteed you’ll feel content or probably won’t even finish the lunch.

These appetite suppressants might come as a shock to you because they have been in your kitchen all along and you never utilized them. These foods can make you feel full sooner or help you to eat less eventually, making your appetite gradually smaller in the process. Use them now that you know about them and lose weight!