5 Must-Avoid Foods For Appetite Suppression

Introduction And Background
If you are planning on dieting and want to lose weight, there is one thing that you have to battle in order to make sure that the entire plan is successful on your end. That one thing is appetite suppression. People often consider exercise to be the main motto of their weight loss regime but little do they know that appetite suppression is actually what takes the game. In order to know more about appetite suppression and to know how to achieve it, read the article further and enlighten yourself on a lot of things that can help you to see the weighing machine with a happier heart!

Foods And Appetite Suppression
The topic of this article might surprise you a little as you must be wondering that if appetite suppression is so important, one must know what to eat in it so that it can be achieved. But you should be aware of the fact that knowing what not to eat is as important as knowing what to eat. What if you are following your diet perfectly and are trying hard to suppress the appetite with foods that help you do it but suddenly you have a specific dish which is awful for you and gets you right back at where you began. Wouldn’t that be just awful? In order to avoid that and to ensure that you do not make that mistake, there is a list of 5 foods that you must avoid if you want to achieve appetite suppression.

Smoothies, Shakes and Juices
You should quickly shake these things off your list before a shake gets made for you by a family member or even a friend at that. Smoothies might contain milk and might seem all healthy for you but they are so high in carbs that you’ll be wanting to throw it all out once you figure out how many calories they have. Smoothies are not good for your diet and neither are shakes. As for juices, they should be avoided as well. Why? Well, juices are usually made from fruits and though having a single fruit, like a single orange, is good for health. But once you make a single glass of juice from 5 or 6 oranges, things become bad. You are putting yourself in a position where you think you’re doing good by yourself and your diet but in fact, you are not. Avoid these!

You might think of them as pretty good appetite suppressants but cereals are not exactly the ideal breakfast or snack you should be having. If you are having grainy cereals that are considered to be whole-wheat, that is still acceptable. But if you are munching on those which have a lot of carbs in them, don’t! They can ruin your diet completely and you won’t even feel it! They are not even that healthy, even though you are having them with milk most of the time.

This thing is the worst of all of things. We go out to eat and often consider appetizers as a small meal which will help us to eat little later on. Wrong! This never works. Mostly people go out and order appetizers but they also end up having a good deal of the main course. If you can avoid appetizers, you definitely should. No good will come out of having to order appetizers, even if they are fried proteins or even fried onion rings. Appetizers are just something you should avoid because then you are actually eating more than you should which is not good for you.

Cottage Cheese
While most people will think of cottage cheese as a blessing during a diet, it is not all that heavenly. Cottage cheese has its own ghosts to battle. It might have little fat in it and more calcium but there is also an abnormally high amount of sodium present in it which is not good for your appetite nor for your weight loss regime, considering the water retention it will cause.

Salads With Dressings
The word salad might prove to be a healthy one but then again, if the salads are dressed with mayo and creams, what good will your diet and appetite suppression be? And the worst part is, some people order salads as appetizers, thinking that salads have zero calories in them. Hello! Salads do not have zero calories and you can treat them as a main course too if you like. Do not eat salads before meals because that will literally ruin your appetite suppression. The art is to eat less, not more!

As you can see, people often make the mistake of eating these things without feeling guilty or thinking that they have gained calories when in fact they are just making their appetite suppression process slower. Do not do that!