5 Home Based Workouts For Slim And Smart Body

Introduction And Background
A slimmer and smarter body is what everyone wants but it is not something that you can get just by wishing upon it. Having a body like that will take hard work and determination and you will also have to be consistent in your lifestyle and exercise to maintain a body like that. You cannot expect to get it and then begin eating burgers and lying around all the time. Flab will develop like that and all the hard work will have been for nothing. But firstly, let’s get down to the hard work that it takes for a slim and smarter body. You already know that you have to control your diet; You cannot expect to have such a figure if you keep on stuffing yourself with fries and shakes and all sorts of sugary stuff. You have to keep your diet in check. However, in this article, we will concentrate more on the exercises that can help you slim down. 5 Home based workouts that you will do for your body to develop a figure you will naturally fall in love with!

Bear In Mind
The workouts given are for a slimmer body so each part will be mentioned. Don’t worry, they are not that tough or that strenuous and one can easily do them at home. You can divide the workouts or give specific time to each but this is a workout for each body part, not a general one. Read on to give yourself more knowledge.

1 – For The Arms
This one is relatively easier and you can do it while watching television even or in your bedroom before sleeping. You need two dumbbells, 1 kg each for each arm. You will raise them above your head and slowly bring them down to shoulder level. At least do this fifteen times before taking a two minute break and then repeat it again. You only need to repeat it once initially, making it thirty times a day. However, once your stamina develops you can repeat it a third time too if you wish it.

2 – For The Stomach
There is nothing better than planks for the stomach. You know it, everyone knows it. It really strengthens the muscles and you don’t need anything for it. You can easily do it in the vicinity of your house in any room. Make sure you have a mat though or are doing it on a rug because you have to raise yourself on your elbows and that can hurt if it is done on a rough surface. Do a plank for thirty seconds the first day and then keep on increasing the time.

3 – For The Butt
This is the place where women concentrate the most. Men worry more about their stomach because they generally store fat in that area while women worry about their butt because that is where they store more fat. For this area, you should do squats. This exercise can literally make you lose weight visibly in two to three days. You need to stand with your legs a little apart and then bend your knees completely while maintaining a straight back. Do this eight times. Take a break for a minute and then do it again. You can do as many squats as you like because it does not take all the energy out like planks does. So it is up to you, the number of squats you’d like to do.

4 – For The Face
There is of course the easy exercise of turning your head side to side while stretching your chin. Then some people also put a pencil in their mouths and write the complete ABC in the air. Some people chew gum as an exercise, sugar-free gum of course. The face has many exercises and you can do any one of them right at home. You can do face exercises even while doing chores, unlike the other exercises.

5 – For The Legs
Even though some people say that for the legs, one should do a strenuous workout but then again there is nothing like taking a light stroll around the house, in the garden or even on the road in front of the house. Walking really develops the leg muscles and a light jog is the cherry on top. However, if you want to do a proper workout, then you should jog a little and then lie on the ground and pretend as if you are bicycling in the air. It will burn your leg fat and tone your muscles.

If you do all five of these exercises daily, even if for a short period of time, you are not far away from developing a slim and smart body. You do not need to go to the gym for these, you can easily do them at home.