5 Foods To Make A Slimmer You

Introduction And Background
This is the twenty first century, the century of knowledge and advancement unlike any other. If someone had said decades earlier that you can eat foods to lose weight, everyone would think that person had lost his or her mind. The concept was and still kind of is that one has to really work at losing weight and that means controlling what you are eating and lowering your calorie intake. But after gathering information and having the knowledge of a lot of things, you come to find that there are certain things that you can eat which can help you to lose weight. Either they can help you to lose weight because they are fat burners or they can help by controlling your appetite. Here are 5 foods that can help make a slimmer you:

Fruits Like Apples And Oranges
When you think about apples and oranges, a very healthy feeling comes because fruits in general are considered to be a very natural and healthy thing to eat. These are the fruits you should definitely have in your household because not only will it make a healthy snack for you if you are feeling really hungry; it is nutritious and healthy as well. And instead of turning to crackers and bags of chips, it is better to grab an apple or an orange and eat them up rather than have unhealthy snacks that will give you calories and thus weight gain occurs. They are high fiber fruits which makes it all the better because fiber fills you up quickly and does not contain that many calories either.

Your Tea Should Be Green
Another item on the list that can bring a slimmer you in the picture is green tea. We have all heard about the wonders of green tea and the simple truth is that all the wonders we have heard are actually facts. Green tea is a great metabolism booster and not only that, it burns the brown fat in the body. If you add a few drops of lemon to it as well, that makes a lethal combination for weight loss because lemon is also known to act as a great metabolic booster and detoxifier, making the body functioning better. If you are a person who is used to drinking tea or coffee, turn to green tea for comfort. It will aid your weight loss purposes unlike anything else. And if you want an added incentive other than weight loss, know that green tea is really good for the skin as well.

Almonds Are In On It
One of the five foods to make you thinner is almonds. They are in on the secret of weight loss. But with almonds, you have to be a little careful. Almonds are great foods for appetite suppression but you have to be a little careful not to have too much of them because a handful of almonds have many calories. It has been shown through research that those who have a handful of almonds about two to three times a week lost more weight than those who didn’t in the same amount of time because they could control their appetite better. But, mentioning again, you need to be careful not to have a lot of them.

Boiled or Grilled Fish
Boiled or grilled fish is also on the top agenda because let’s face it, proteins are really important and there is nothing like getting your protein from fish. They have essential fatty acids as well which, believe it or not, are good for weight loss too. If you have grilled fish, that means you have filled your body with protein and are not content and have eaten heathy. And as protein foods take a longer time to digest, you will be fully content for quite a while, able to stay away from unnecessary snacks. This will eventually lead to a slimmer you. Having protein meals is important if you want to lose weight. You need the nutrition first of all and you also need them to keep you away from carbs and fats.

Water – A Food?
Water is not considered a food but it is so important that it must be mentioned here. Drinking water really helps in keeping you slimmer. Know how? Well, when you drink water before every meal, you are filling your stomach somewhat. This means that there is little space for food now and you will be content sooner rather than have multiple fillings. If you do the math, this way you are eating less and controlling your appetite and this leads to a slimmer you.

There are many other foods that you can eat to slim up but these are the ones that are found in your kitchen normally and ones that you should pay attention to in bringing into your routine food.