5 Appetite Suppressing Foods

Introduction And Background
Appetite suppression is what everyone aims to achieve. And there is a very solid reason behind that too. Those who are well acquainted with the weight loss regime know exactly how important it is to suppress the appetite. In fact, it is so much more important than just exercising. Think about it yourself. If you end up eating burgers and shakes and visit the gym to exercise, just how much weight will you end up losing? You will probably end up losing none. It might be a good idea to do that for maintaining your weight but in order to lose your weight, you really have to cut down on the food you eat and that only comes with appetite suppression. In this article, you will get to know about five appetite suppressing foods that will not only help you to reduce the amount of food you eat but it will also help to reduce the weight you have put on. Read on further to find out the 5 appetite suppressing foods that can help you out and which you must have in your diet.

An Apple A Day…
Will keep your cravings away! An apple is probably the perfect food option you can have as an appetite suppressant. Not only is it natural, it does not have many calories and is one of the most delicious tasting fruit there is. There are very few people in the world that would have any sort of problem with eating an apple which makes it an agreeable option for all. Apple has a pretty good amount of fiber in it which means that your stomach will be full and your body will also get a fairly good digestive this way. We all are aware of how good fiber is in a diet. Not only that, apples have quite a bit of vitamins and minerals so not only are you suppressing the appetite by eating an apple and keeping unnecessary snacks away this way, you are also gaining healthy nutrition!

Have A Berry Day!
Berries are another appetite suppressing food that should be found in the kitchen if you want to think of suppressing the appetite naturally. Berries, similar to apples, are rich in vitamins and minerals and again similar to apples have quite a good amount of fiber in them. Nonetheless, berries have more calories than apples so take them in a careful amount. However, they are also known to stimulate hormones to bring about satiety quickly. Hence, have a merry berry day whenever you can if you feel hungry. It will surely keep your cravings at bay and suppress the appetite.

A Handful Of Almonds
This might surprise you a little because not only is dry fruit salty and has a high water retention but dry fruit also has a lot of calories. And you can get carried away eating them because sometimes you don’t really know how much you’ve had. It happens a lot with walnuts. However, even then, almonds are known to be terrific appetite suppressants. They also stimulate hormones which bring about satiety and not only that, almonds have a lot of fiber in them. Having a handful of almonds about two to three times a week will not only boost your metabolic rate but also inhibit you from eating any junk uselessly.

Egg White, Not Yellow!
Egg white is also an appetite suppressant, did you know that? Since it is high in protein, if you have it in the morning you remain fairly stable throughout the day till lunchtime because protein takes a longer time to get digested in the stomach and this means your stomach will remain full for longer. However, do not have the yellow part, the yolk. It has a lot of fat in it and mostly cholesterol too. It is good for health but not if you are dieting!

How Can You Forget Water?
And how can you forget water?? This is the ultimate appetite suppressant there is. Drink a glass of water before every meal and see the difference. Since your stomach is already filled with water, which means there is lesser space for food which means you will be full quicker. This is one of the best techniques of suppressing the appetite but one thing you must be careful of is not to drink water AFTER a meal. Not only does it expand the size of the stomach but it also hinders the digestion process.

These five appetite suppressing foods are not that difficult to find and are readily available in every household. You don’t even have to make a special effort to get them, though berries come in their own seasons. The only thing that is left to do is to eat them smartly.