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Are Juices Good To Suppress Appetite?

Introduction And Background

In this small world we live in, there are big things we want to do. Some people want to go to the moon while some want to explore what is inside the Earth. Others yearn to find some new standard formula while some just wish to suppress the appetite and lose weight. Out of all these things, suppressing the appetite is fairly the easiest but ask those who actually try to do it. It is a tough job but there are certain aspects to it that one should consider and it might make the job easier on everyone.

How To Suppress The Appetite?

There are countless ways to suppress the appetite. If you search for ways to suppress the appetite, you’ll be bombarded with thousands of foods to eat for suppressing the appetite along with a million exercise techniques of pulling the stomach in. In the appetite suppression of this decade, you do not have to stay hungry to suppress the appetite. You can eat certain foods that will help you such as particular fruits and vegetables which will fill you up and make you feel less hungry throughout the day. And you won’t even gain many calories by it.


How Good Are Juices In Suppressing The Appetite?

If there is one blessing in the world that people do not appreciate enough, it is juices. Whether they are fruit juices or vegetable juices, they are the perfect component for suppressing the appetite. Juices are really healthy in nature. If you are on a diet, there is a slight chance that your nutritional content is going to fall rapidly and your skin is going to suffer as well. You might experience weakness and you might even look a little weak despite the fact that you’re obese. In these cases, drink juices. They will keep you fresh and even make you look it. Getting to the main point, juices are perfect appetite suppressers. They have high water content and some might even have high sugar content but those can be avoided if you stick to natural juices. A lot of dieters drink juices in their daily diet because it fills them up and is good for the health without making them gain any extra unnecessary calories.


Why Are Juices Good Appetite Suppressants?

Juices are good appetite suppressants due to different reasons. Sometimes when a person feels really hungry, they would end up eating something solid and then regret it later on because it had a lot of calories in it. This happens frequently. If you drink juices when you are hungry, there is a huge possibility that your stomach will fill up with the particular juice and you wouldn’t want to eat anything more. Juices also have a good nutritional value and they even keep you from being dehydrated in the summers when drinking a lot of water becomes a nuisance because of no taste. This is also where juices are immensely helpful in keeping at bay the rising hunger. They are sweet, tasty and naturally good for health. And on top of that, they suppress the appetite. What could be more good than that?


Are There Any Other Methods Of Appetite Suppression?

Appetite suppression has a million other methods but there are certain major ones that have caught the attention of most people. Appetite suppression is not easy so all obese people are rushing to get manufactured products that would do the job for them. These manufactured products also consist of appetite suppressing supplements that can help in making you feel less hungry just by taking the supplement. They come in the herbal kind which boasts of having no side effects which is probably true because they are made of natural ingredients and herbs, containing no kinds of drugs and other stuff. They are also good for the health and skin. Then there are certain belts which you tie around the stomach so that it gets pulled in and there is no capacity for you to stuff yourself. This also helps in some cases but older people should avoid it because it causes a lot of stress on the muscles. All in all, appetite suppression is now a choice you have to consider with many ailments to aid you in the process. It has now become easy where before it was extremely tough and painful.


An appetite is a hard thing to control, especially if the love for food exceeds the love for becoming thin even if you have made a mindset to become thin by dieting. But no worries, there are supplements which can fool your stomach and certain juices are some of them. It’ll be satisfied and your end of the deal won’t be ruined. It is the perfect situation.

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Best fruits to control appetite

Introduction and background

With a number of restaurants and café everywhere, people easily get to eat what they want. Unfortunately, the food served herein restaurants, includes all the processed ingredients that contain little amount of nutrients. The upshot is obesity as an emerging problem. Most of the over weight people are overly fed but lack nutrition. Because the food they ingest holds greater number of calories and very few nutrients. However, one important step to lose weight is that of controlling appetite.

The idea to lose weight by reducing appetite seems wonderful but once tried it appears as an all-uphill process. Therefore, you cannot just stop your cravings and deprive yourself of food when body demands it strongly. In order to lose weight greater help may be taken by fruits to reduce appetite. Some fruits help you control your appetite in a natural and convenient way. Apples, grape fruits, cucumber, nuts and orange fruit pulpy juice are among best appetite suppressant fruits. These fruits contain fibers that make you feel full.

The soluble and insoluble fibers in fruits assist in controlling appetite by staying for long in stomach. Their easy availability is an encouraging point in taking fruits as an appetite suppressant. While these fruits help you curb your hunger, they also maintain nutrient content ensuring your overall health. In this article, benefits of these fruit as appetite suppressant are discussed.


1. Apple
Packed with soluble, insoluble and pectin fibers apple is a perfect natural appetite suppressant. Apple ranks higher among other fruits as an appetite suppressant because it contains fibers, sugars and very low amount of fats and calories. The sugars present in apple are natural and regulate blood glucose level very well, which in turn prevent it from craving for sugars and carbohydrates intake. Whenever you feel like eating high caloric junk food just because your brain signaling that way; grab an apple and eat it.

This will meet the carbohydrates requirement and makes stomach feel fuller. Apple contains a good amount of fiber that helps in regulating digestive function too. The fibers expand in your stomach leaving a reduced amount of space for any other food you take in. Consequently, you will consume less high caloric food and reduce weight. When you have consumed apple it will keep stomach feel full longer and prevents over eating. Having an apple a day also has many more health benefits for you.

2. Cucumber
Cucumber, a fruit of Indian origin, now easily available throughout the world is an effective natural appetite suppressant. Rather than filling your stomachs with crackers, chips and other snacks while feeling an urge to eat, try eating cucumber that will surely help you reduce weight. Cucumber is taken with food as part of salads but it can exclusively act as an appetite suppressant. This fruit is packed with large water content that makeup for hydration loss of our body. Its pulp and seeds also fill stomach and gives a ‘full feeling’ for long.

When taken with or before food it allows less consumption of dense caloric food by giving a fuller feeling. A fruit having approximately 90% water is a good choice as an appetite suppressant. Furthermore, it is also advisable to take it with its peel, if taken with the peel that is rich in dietary fiber source reduces constipation. Having a good amount of water and potassium with low sodium levels it acts as a mild diuretic agent keeping weight gain and high blood pressure in check. By using cucumber to curb your hunger as an appetite suppressant it will surely assist you in your weight loss goals.


3. Grapefruit
A fruit having approximately 90% water is a good choice as an appetite suppressant. Grapefruit temporary fills stomach and gives you relief from your hunger pangs. Fibers in grapefruit add up bulk to the food and keep you away from taking in more and on the same hand. Grapefruit keeps hunger away, giving a feeling of fullness with hardly any calories. Grapefruit and its juice help digest fat, and assists bowel movement and elimination of toxins.

4. Nuts
Many dieters avoid nuts because they are high in fat and calories, ignoring the fact that not all fats lead to body fat. They are actually good for the body. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, filberts, macadamia nuts, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds may be high in calories, but act as natural appetite suppressant. These nuts’ fat-to-carbohydrate ratio is so high, which leads to you eat fewer calories overall.


5. Orange Pulpy Juice
As many dieters around the world already know, oranges are the supreme diet food. Oranges are so low in calories that the energy it takes to eat one of them most likely burns off all the citrus fruit’s calories. Moreover, oranges are a natural appetite suppressant.



Relying on the fruity help to suppress appetite is a handy and nutritious way to lose weight. Not only some fruits help you control your appetite but also make you healthy and active.

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How to control your appetite while exercising

Introduction and background

The relationship between exercise and appetite is a complex relationship. When someone decides to shed off a few pounds, the first and foremost advice he she gets is to exercise. It is a common observation to begin with an exercise and you end up eating more than usual after those gym sessions that are originally meant to control shooting weight. It is very normal that after a workout our body craves for protein. At this point it is useful to avoid all of those high carbohydrate, high calorie foods, and set out for something less filling and high in protein .Some good picks for this would be a low fat low calorie yogurt, a glass of skim milk, or any fat free dairy food.

These dairy choices are all low in calories and super high in protein, exactly what your body needs to manufacture protein. They will help you suppress your appetite so you are not overindulging and depleting the purpose of your work out and smashing up your weight loss goals. Contrary to this, aerobic exercises are publicized as a way to reduce appetite potentially increasing weight loss. This effect has been termed the anorexia of exercise. The effect appears to be commonly found after exercising at greater than 60% of maximum oxygen consumption.

While your appetite may increase if you significantly increase your workout regimen, generally, you are likely to consume large portions following your gym session. Exercise can help you lose weight because it burns calories. Exercise intensity can also affect appetite. This is another factor that affects your post workout appetite; intensity of the exercise session and body temperature. Higher-intensity activities have better appetite-suppressing effects than lower-intensity ones. Some tricks you can do to suppress post exercise appetite are discussed in this article.

Drink Water before and after exercise

It is good to drink water before you start your work out. Drinking sufficient amount of water will help you to carry on exercise with interest. Once you have sweat well and done with your exercise your body may signal you to take in food. It is advisable to drink a plenty of water throughout and after your workout to make up for the lost hydration content while exercise. You need to not only replace the water that your body had lost throughout the workout, but since your metabolism will be jolted from the exercise you need to continue to drink water afterwards to make sure that you don’t get dehydrated. Your body often confuses thirst for hunger, so drinking sufficient water also helps to prevent overeating because some of us mistake hunger for thirst, especially when we are dehydrated.

Sit around! keep yourself occupied

You might think what sitting around has to do with controlling appetite while exercising. Actually, most of the exercisers just walk towards kitchen or fridge after getting home from work out session. Consequently, they end up over feeding them as a reward of working out. Instead, go outside or in another room and stretch. Getting a shower right away or indulging into something will keep you away from over eating. So after a workout do not over eat, pick healthy snacks, drink water, and keep yourself occupied to continue to sustain those weight loss goals.


Pre-Work out snack

Some exercisers are afraid to consume calories before their sweat session, considering they will cancel out the purpose of 60 minutes on the treadmill. Nevertheless, working out on an empty stomach means that you will not have enough energy to exercise as long or as hard as needed. Starting with few calories lead to low stamina and you will end up burning fewer calorie. It is recommended to eat something, such as a piece of fruit may give you more energy to get through a workout.


Post-Workout Meal

After exercising a person may think that, he can take any food he likes as he has gone thorough burning of so many calories. And the disastrous choices of snacks exercisers make after workout session are awful. When starving, our bodies want to consume energy rich dense caloric food. Post workout meals should include protein as it increases satiety and helps keep your appetite under control by stimulating gut hormones that help you feel full. Proteins pick and choose foods can be eggs, milk, soy milk, yogurt, and oatmeal, nuts, beans, whole grains, low fat dairy, fish, lean meats, and poultry to make sure you get adequate protein.



Keeping a check on your calorie intake before and after exercise will help you control appetite while exercising. Maintaining proper hydration content of the body is a key to avoid post workout hunger pangs. Replenish your stores of muscles glycogen and lean protein to repair and build muscle ingesting protein foods.

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