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Role Of Fish and What Form It Should Be In To Lose Weight?

Introduction And Background
Whenever a person starts to diet, they often get confused about which diet to follow and what they should believe in after they read everything on the internet. There are some people who do the soup diet, some who do the vegetable diet and some who do the HCG diet. And almost all of them have rave reviews because it all depends on the person who is doing it and whether or not they are true to the diet because let’s face it, almost every diet can successfully make you lose weight as long as you do it truly and without cheating. However, one thing that almost every dieter is going to agree on is protein and how important and essential it is in a diet. Protein is the one nutrient you should not be afraid of having, in fact it is the one nutrient that you should always have, whether in a diet or not. And now in this article we will talk about the role of fish and how it should be taken and why it is good for dieting and the overall general health as well.

Fish – A Beautiful Food
For some people, fish are the healthiest source of protein. Some people believe that other forms of meat have become contaminated. The cows are not given good feed which means their meat isn’t that good, the chicken are given weird hormones which means they are not entirely safe to have and there are some suspicions regarding turkey as well. In conclusion, land animals have become blacklisted in the foods for protein. Amidst all of this, fish is the protein that is not only considered to be fresh and clean but also the best source of protein. They not only have lean protein but also omega fats which are brilliant for the body, especially the heart. Some heart patients are told to have only fish because it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids along with vegetables and fruits and to stay away from any other type of meat. Fish is, in fact, a beautiful food. Especially for the dieting world, fish is considered to be a sure shot way of losing weight if you include this in your diet and stay away from unnecessary fats and carbs.

What Form Should It Be Taken In?
The fish should be taken in two forms only, especially if you want to lose weight. You can have fish in grilled form and you can have fish in boiled form. A little sautéed is even allowed but if you are planning to fry the fish, you can forget it. Even if it is the perfect protein, fish will absorb a lot of oil that you fry it in and some types of fish need deep frying to be properly cooked if frying is what you want to do with it. However, that will ruin your diet completely because dieters should stay away from oil. Olive oil is a good option but that too in minute amounts, not an entire pan! Fried fish will give you calories that you can avoid and skip out on. Hence, stick to the boiled or the grilled form of fish, they taste delicious as well! Some people just grill fish with a little salt, pepper and vinegar and there is nothing like it! You can always season it if you think boiled fish tastes really bad. Nonetheless, just remember to stick to these two forms if you want to lose weight.

And What About Fish Oil…?
This is not a form of fish, as some would confuse it to be. Fish oil supplements have fish oil in them because they contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are excellent for heart patients or those who have heart diseases. However, they only have fish oil and some other nutrients in it, they do not have fish protein. So do not think that you are eating fish if you take in fish oil supplements, they are purely fatty acids which are good for heart and brain health, that is all. You need to eat the proper fish to get the proper protein!

Include fish in your daily diet as one of the main courses, especially when you are dieting. And stay off anything else that has the capability to make you fat or has empty calories. You will notice the difference pretty soon. Even when you go out to eat, order a meal which has fish rather than have a beef burger or a steak. You will be eating a healthy meal and will be saving yourself a lot of calories. It is an excellent source of protein and food and meat for weight loss!

Understanding Micronutrients

Introduction And Background
The term micronutrients might be confusing you a bit but by the end of this article, you will know what micronutrients are as well as what macronutrients are! You must have already figured by the name that micronutrients must be some sort of small nutritional elements present in food. But just because they are termed micro does not mean that they are insignificant to our health. In fact, they are entirely too significant and so much so that a lot of people actually take supplements to fulfill their needs of these micronutrients, they are that important! Read the article further and figure out what micronutrients are, where they can be found, what they actually do and how they can be compared with macronutrients. Have fun!

What Are Micronutrients?
Micronutrients are the small nutrients present in food which do not count as part of the food pyramid. They are the vitamins, the minerals and the antioxidants and trace elements that are present in whatever you eat. They are referred to as micronutrients. However, even if they are micro, they are quite important for the body. If you do not get enough of them, it can lead to small diseases, things such as hair fall and stunted growth and with the deficiency of vitamin A a person can even be liable to getting night blindness. Thus, they are as essential to our body as macronutrients in performing small functions and getting the body to work.

The Types of Micronutrients
Now this can be a little confusing but you are going to have to try and understand it. It is written for you in the simplest of forms, especially if you are not a science student and have never studied anything like it. Now, everyone knows about vitamins and minerals, correct? Well, there are types of vitamins and types of minerals as well. First we’ll try and understand the vitamins.

There are water soluble vitamins that are soluble in water only, as the name clearly indicates. And then there are lipid soluble vitamins which are, again as the name indicates, soluble only in lipids. The lipid soluble vitamins are vitamin A, D, E and vitamin K and they can be stored in the body. They are not needed on a daily basis because whenever you get these specific vitamins, you can store them and then utilize them on need. But that is not the case with water soluble vitamins. You need them on a daily basis and they are the vitamin B complex vitamins. They are easily washed out of the body too if not used and one has to have a daily dose of them. Now that we have gotten clear of vitamins, time to concentrate on the minerals.

The minerals are of two types as well. There are microminerals and there are macrominerals. The macrominerals is not according to the size but that which are needed in a large quantity. This consists of calcium first of all, probably the most important macromineral there is. Along with calcium, you need phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. They are required daily since they are needed in larger amounts. Microminerals are required in trace amounts and are often referred to as trace elements too in some articles and books. They are iron, copper, zinc and fluoride to name a few. You don’t need these daily and even if you do get them daily, you won’t need them in very large amounts so that’s okay then.

Foods Where You Can Find Them
Here is a list of some of the foods which you should eat because they contain a good amount of important vitamins and minerals, especially those that you need on a daily basis or those that you require in larger amounts for the proper functioning and well-being of the body.

  • Calcium is found in great amounts in milk and yoghurt. Even cheese has a lot of calcium. Basically, dairy products should be on your list of things that you need to eat to enhance your calcium levels.
  • Potassium, a pretty important mineral, is found in bananas and potatoes. Even spinach and some fruits such as apricots contain potassium.
  • The fact that vitamin C is present and in quite a large number in oranges is known by everyone mostly.
  • Vitamin B12, a water soluble vitamin, can be found in meat such as beef and fish.
  • Zinc is present in beef, turkey and some lentils.

Now that you have understood micronutrients, know that they are pretty important. You eat macronutrients daily such as protein, carbohydrates and fats and often ignore micronutrients unless you face some problem such as hair-fall or condition such as scurvy. It is best if you pay attention to getting all the micronutrients before any condition or disease arises!


Your Grocery List For A Weekly Healthy Diet

Introduction And Background
A lot of people do not really pay that much attention to their health and it often causes problems for them. It can cause problems for them as well as other people in the household if the diet they follow is not good enough. What if you are a mother? What if you are a sister or a brother and your sibling wants to copy and eat everything you do? If you are such a person in the household, you should have a certain responsibility towards the food you are bringing into the house. And not only for other people but you should be concerned about your health as well. It doesn’t come as easy as that.

Some people do groceries weekly while some do them monthly. It all depends on the system of your house or how much time you can actually spare. However, it is nothing to be worried about. You can do them weekly or monthly, as long as you get the right things. You should pay attention to your grocery list rather than just getting whatever suits and what you want and you should definitely think of making a grocery list, there are many benefits to it.

Benefits Of Making A Grocery List
Once you read the benefits of making a grocery list, you will honestly be wondering why you never made on in the first place:

  • You can save a lot of time shopping with a list. You know where to go, what to get and you can easily tick mark every item that you gradually put in the trolley. It makes the entire process smoother and you don’t have to go to every rack looking at different things wondering whether you should get them or not.
  • It saves money as well. If you have a list, you most often stick to the list. If you do not have a grocery list, you literally can buy any item and often buy extra things just because you feel you need them.
  • You don’t skip out on the essentials and very rarely will you forget something while shopping, if you have a list around to help you.
  • You can even add to the list after a trip to the grocery store so that your list becomes complete. It is better to have it on paper rather than think you can remember it the next time.

The Complete Grocery List For A Weekly Healthy Diet
Groceries, as said above, is an important part of life. It is not something you can take for granted. You should definitely have a complete grocery list for a weekly healthy diet. It will prove to be good not only to you but the people who have to share your groceries as well. It will be healthy and beneficial to all. Here are a list of items that you definitely should not skip and a few items that you should get just to complete your grocery list! And we’re just talking about food here and no toiletries or anything like that, mind it!

  • You need to pick out healthy, green leafy vegetables and not to forget tomatoes and onions, used in almost everything cooked at home!
  • Fruits are an essentiality as well. Stick to fruits of the season rather than getting fruits that one likes. This ensures you have everything the year round rather than only the one you like.
  • Meat should be on the list as well, whether it is chicken or beef or even turkey or maybe you can get a little of all assortments. But meat should be a top priority on the list.
  • A lot of people don’t like lentils but they are good in iron and proteins and should be added to the diet.
  • Fiber cereals and eggs make a healthy breakfast and rarely do people need reminding about having this item on their grocery list.
  • Dairy products such as milk and cheese are necessary. They have a lot of calcium in them which is what the bones require.
  • And don’t be afraid to keep some sort of healthy snack on the list too such as fiber biscuits or even breadsticks at that. It is fine to have a healthy snack lying around.

The conclusion that is reached from this is that to have a weekly healthy diet, your grocery list should have all the items from the food pyramid so that you are eating healthy and getting nutrients from every single one of them. Your list needs to have meat, vegetables, fruits and even a few snack items so that you can sometimes enjoy eating sweets that are not too dangerous. It really is okay. And make sure you cook all the items you have gotten from the grocery list too!



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