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Exercise and appetite suppression – Can exercise really curb hunger?

Introduction and background

There are number of methods people try to control their raging appetites to lose weight. Many go after diet, weight control pills and herbal supplements to get over their ever increasing appetite. Few would consider exercise as an appetite suppressant. Exercise not only be done to tone body and burn fats but could also help in suppressing appetite. Luckily exercises are always healthy but after some of these workouts one might feel hungrier and ends up taking bulk of calories. There are certain types of exercises that work better than others at decreasing appetite. It is also evident that if you vigorously exercise before you eat, you will actually eat less because of an increase in your body temperature and an alteration in your hormone levels. How does exercise curb hunger? The answer to this question lies in the fact that exercise may lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite in the short term, while raising levels of peptide YY, a hormone that suppresses appetite. It is also found that frequent exercise can make you appear slimmer by restoring sensitivity to brain neurons that control satiety. The more you exercise, more easily you could tune your appetite signals which may aid in counteracting them.


Exercise, a natural appetite suppressant

While your appetite may increase if you significantly increase your workout regimen, generally, you are less likely to consume large portions following your gym session. Consistent, moderate exercise helps stimulate the hypothalamus in your brain, causing it to secrete a hormone that actually inhibits hunger. Along with the hypothalamus activation, exercise increases our need for hydration. Water is a well known natural appetite suppressant. By drinking more fluid, we tend to feel fuller longer. Often times when we think we are hungry, we are just dehydrated. Drinking water helps curb the desire to eat more frequently.

Relationship between exercise and appetite

The relationship between exercise and appetite is a complex relationship. Aerobic exercise has been publicized as a way to reduce appetite potentially increasing weight loss. This effect has been termed the anorexia of exercise. The effect appears to be commonly found after exercising at greater than 60% of maximum oxygen consumption. This decreased appetite after exercise has been possibly due to the redistribution of blood flow from the gastrointestinal tract to the peripheral muscles. However, a temporary reduction in appetite following exercise may not actually correlate with a reduced caloric consumption over a more extended period of time.


Effects of type of exercise on appetite suppression

The type of physical activity performed will affect your hunger level. Aerobic exercise may suppress hunger, but resistance training may not. Simple exercises that can easily be made part of daily routine helps you burn your fats and suppress hunger.


Jogging, running, elliptical training

Physical activities like jogging, running,elliptical training and spinning aids maintaining a noticeable body shape and affects your food intake as well. These cardio exercises that increase heart rate and respiration increase body temperature, which in turn increases how many calories you burn. Such simple physical activities that warm your body suppress hunger signals from hypothalamus. Also helps low indulgence of calories. 



On the other hand exercises that do not increase body temperature, such as swimming or working out in the cold still burn ample calories, but will leave you feeling hungry after the activity is complete. It is because submerging your body in cool water makes it lose heat, and this seems to prevent the release of hormones that suppress appetite. But you can make up for after pool munchies by warming up with a brisk walk or hot drink.


Resistance Exercises

Fitness activities like weight lifting and aerobics burn fat, build muscle, strengthen bones and can lead to decreased appetite. Try lifting free weights or use machines or other resistance equipment as they lower levels of ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone so you might not feel like eating right after you put away the dumbbells.


Effects of exercise Intensity on appetite

Exercise intensity can also affect appetite. This is another factor that affects your post workout appetite; intensity of the exercise session and body temperature. Higher-intensity activities have better appetite-suppressing effects than lower-intensity ones. Interestingly, men tend to have a greater reduction in appetite immediately after working out at moderate to high intensity levels than women do.



The relationship between physical activity and food consumption can take a number of forms, depending on the intensity, duration and frequency of the activity, and upon the degrees of fitness and physiological status of the individual. However, a session of intense exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can repress hunger by boosting levels of appetite suppressing hormones. Exercise can help you lose weight because it burns calories. Exercise leads to appetite suppression making negative energy balance easier to achieve.


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5 key herbs that suppress appetite and help lose weight

Introduction and background

Obesity is a condition that affects million of people around the globe. Overweight can lead to the increasing risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disorders and hypertension. When it comes to weight lose, people prefer to rely on herbs to suppress their appetites as they have fewer side effects than prescribed medications. Nature has provided us with the herbs that can be used as remedy to control weight. Since the beginning of civilization people used these herbs for different purposes. The possible dot to ponder over would be how these herbs help reduce weight. Some herbs include the ability to speed up the metabolism. These herbs appear to increase the hormone production by thyroid gland and help lose weight. Herbs assist with detoxification of the liver, digestive tract and blood stream. There are herbs that facilitate us eliminate the excess fetid matter in our digestive tracts. Being remarkable antioxidants these natural herbs can be really effective as weight reducers. We take these antioxidants in our daily diet in the variety of spices. Rather than taking only salt it would be helping to take more of the natural herbs and spices. What’s important and must be kept in mind that in order to lose weight, healthy diet and some exercise is essential. Once done with the requirements, all to do is to take some herbs and have power over your weight without any side effects. There are a number of herbs that suppress appetite and help lose weight, amongst them few most potent are discussed in detail.


1.) Chickweed

Yes, this obnoxious little crawling weed in your lawn tops the list. It is much more useful than being obnoxious. Chickweed is an herbaceous, winter broad-leafed plant with small star shaped white flowers. This herb is well known among the herbalist for its work as a natural appetite suppressant. Chickweed contains mucilage, saponins, silica, coumarins, flavonoids, triterpenoids, and carboxylic acids. It is rich in minerals, including copper and iron, and vitamins A, B, and C. The presence of these active ingredients makes chickweed a mild and an effective diuretic. When ingested, these substances aid in emulsification of the fat cells, which in turn promotes the elimination of fat. Chickweed combined with other herbs that also help with appetite suppression becomes a super herb.


2.) Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is a desert plant that has been in use as a natural appetite suppressant since thousand of years. This herb got the miraculous effect on suppressing appetite and seems to turn off the appetite. On the mission to shed off some pounds the difficult part must be ‘how to stand hunger drive’. With every workout you feel hungrier. When you eat hoodia the appetite is gone for some hours and you don’t indulge in taking more calories. Hoodia, however, contains a chemical that gets picked up by hypothalamus which thinks its glucose. While the signal is much stronger than glucose, this befools hypothalamus thus cancelling the appetite signals. Consuming it is simple; chewed as small sliced off piece. No need to swallow it, just the chemical reaches your stomach and almost anyone can suppress appetite and can reduce weight.


3.) Guarana

Guarana is an important plant from Arizona, has been known and used ever since ancient times. People used to consume it when they had to travel long distances or before ritual fasting. The seed of the fruit is treated and grinded to obtain pure powder without additive or preservative. This natural appetite suppressant has similar effects to caffeine. However, Guarana has more weight reduction capacity than caffeine. As a central nervous stimulant guarana works as an appetite control and increases the body’s energy levels.


4.) Green Tea Extracts

Green tea is an effective natural appetite suppressant for losing weight faster. It helps reducing weight by stimulation of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process in which fat is transformed into a source of energy. As a result of thermo genesis, it gives energy by increase in the body’s metabolic rate. Also burns fat. It’s a pleasant and easy to take natural appetite suppressant.


5.) Black Pepper

Black pepper contains a substance called piperine, which not only gives it its pungent flavor, but also blocks the formation of new fat cells. When combined with capsaicin and other substances, black pepper also found to burn as many calories as taking a 20-minute walk. As to one side, black pepper also increases the bioavailability of just about all other foods making it a healthy choice for virtually any meal.



Once you decide on an eating and exercise plan, there are extra measures; amplify your weigh-loss efforts with the natural herbs. These natural herbs act as appetite suppressant, can help turn fat into muscle and boost energy and endurance levels. Many herbs improve your metabolism and thermogenesis.

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The Mechanism Of Appetite Suppression In Causing Weight Loss How Does It Do It?

Introduction And Background

Before you intend to embark on the expedition to lose weight, you need to understand one thing; There is no weight loss possible without curtailing your diet. It is something that you have to instil in your mind and only then will it be possible to achieve the goal you have been aiming for. When you eat less and exercise more, your body automatically burns the stored fat because it needs energy. The burned fat is like pounds evaporating off your body. Appetite suppression is the most important component of weight loss, even more so than exercise.

Why Is Appetite Suppression Important?

As explained in the introduction, appetite suppression makes sure you develop a habit of eating less. And when you eat less, it is bound to give your body time to adjust to this new pattern of eating where you are not getting as much energy as you once did. Therefore, in order to bridge that energy gap, the stored fat reserves that you have begin to unravel. Hence, weight loss occurs. Now do you doubt the importance of appetite suppression?

How Does The Mechanism Of Appetite Suppression Help In Losing Weight?

Till now, you have learned that eating less will make you lose weight. This is a probable factor but now you will learn what it is about suppressing the appetite itself that helps you in becoming thinner. Here are a few points that will guide you through the process of appetite suppression being the most essential action behind weight loss.
• Suppressing the appetite makes you eat less on a daily basis without developing those hunger pangs that could possibly drive you to eat more than is required for your body. It also ceases your brain’s mental stimulation to eat more since you are already in a habit of just having a small portion.

• Appetite suppression also causes the muscles of the stomach to clench in, making it flatter with a smaller capacity so you do not get hunger pangs at all because the stomach gets full quickly.

• Suppressing the appetite also develops a healthier lifestyle because you become prone to eating less. And since you eat less, you maintain the body weight you want or you lose weight to become the ideal weight for your age and height.

• Suppressing the appetite also makes you turn towards healthier foods. You generally begin to avoid meals from fast food joints and other places.


Benefits Of Losing Weight With Appetite Suppression

The benefits of losing weight with appetite suppression are many. Some of them are listed below.
• It is the most natural and healthiest way of losing weight. There are no strange or strenuous exercises involved. There are no diet plans. One just has to develop the habit of eating less and pretty soon, you won’t even notice that you are doing it!
• There are no manufactured capsules or tablets involved. Although many companies claim that appetite suppressants have no side effects, nothing can beat the natural way of things.
• Besides losing weight, appetite suppression also helps in straying away from all the diseases that are likely to come with obesity such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc.
• A person is likely to live longer if their weight is at an ideal level for their age, especially if they do not over eat.


Are There Any Natural Appetite Suppressants?

There are several natural appetite suppressants which include some fruits and vegetables. They are likely to keep you full quickly and you won’t need to eat more and more after having them. They include oranges, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, kidney beans and many other herbs. Sweet potatoes are also known to be natural appetite suppressants. However, the best appetite suppressant you could take is water. Drink water before every meal and it is bound to make you eat less since your stomach is already filled with the liquid and does not have the capacity to each much. Also do not make your stomach expand. Stop before feeling really full and even if you are having your favorite food, make yourself believe that you’ve had enough.


Now that you know how beneficial appetite suppression is and how it actually works, it is better to start putting things in action. If you are planning to lose weight, there is no better way than suppressing the appetite and making sure you are eating less than what you usually did. By doing this, when you lose weight, there is a really high probability that you will not gain it back again which is the usual worry for all the dieters. Try it out and see if I’m wrong. I can bet I won’t be.

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