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Suppress Your Appetite By Plums

Introduction And Background
If you have already tried to diet, you must know how essential it is to suppress the appetite. And if you are just starting out, you should know the importance of it. The thing is, you have to suppress and control the appetite if you want to burn more calories than you consume in a day. You can do the math yourself and realize that this is the only way you can lose weight. Exercise of course helps to burn more calories but other than that, there really is no other way in which you can lose weight (liposuction aside). But don’t be afraid, there are numerous ways in which you can lessen your appetite.

The Help Of Plums
Plums are generally considered to be very nutritious and healthy for the body. But not many know much about plums or eat them. We’re always accustomed to the common fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas and pears to name a few. But plums are what we should be considering! They are pretty helpful in appetite suppression and one can even make quite a few dishes out of plums if no one wants to have it raw.

How Do Plums Suppress The Appetite?
Of course, in this century, with research and knowledge, everyone wants to know how things happen and what the reason behind it is. And rightfully so! In accordance, here is how plums suppress the appetite:

  • Plums help to release certain hormones in the body which are responsible for controlling hunger levels. Hence, when we eat plums, hormones are released which automatically tell the body that it is satisfied and does not feel as hungry or at all. This enables a person to either stop eating and be happy with the amount they’ve eaten or to eat but only a little. Gradually, in this manner, not only will the appetite reduce but it will be mighty easier to stick to the diet as well. The hunger pangs are the reason for ruining most of the diets and when that is under control, one need not worry about much else after that!
  • Plums also balance glucose levels in the body which means there are no unnecessary spikes in the blood sugar levels after having food. The spikes are often responsible for insulin secretion and glucose is then stored this way. It is safe to say that plums reduce carbohydrate storage and absorption into the blood stream which is good. Controlling blood sugar levels is overall better too because it can reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes.
  • Have you ever heard the analogy where when you want to do something, you must do the exact opposite to get over that effect? Plums are also being used this way effectively. Plums have a somewhat sour taste, especially Umeboshi plums. When you are in the mood to have something sweet and sugary, eat a plum. It will fight off your craving and is astonishingly very effective. A lot of people have commented on how easy it was to overcome their cravings for something sweet after having a bit of plum.

Other Ways To Suppress The Appetite
You can never have too much help while on a diet! Plums are pretty great at suppressing the appetite, as you can clearly see after reading all the above. Still, here are a few more techniques to suppressing the appetite and boosting the metabolism so that you are fully learned on the subject of appetite suppressing techniques.

  • The most basic way to suppress the appetite, a way you should always use no matter what, is to drink water about ten minutes before having your meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you drink water before eating, you fill half of the stomach up with water. This means that there will be less space for food and automatically you will feel full sooner. Now the trick here is to stop when you feel full. Don’t overeat otherwise the stomach will expand and don’t drink water immediately after finishing your meal. That will also inhibit digestion and is generally not good for health.
  • Find out about more foods that suppress the appetite. For instance, we all know that having nuts about once or twice a week is a great metabolic booster. Almonds are especially on top of that list. Aside from almonds, even berries are considered to be great appetite suppressants.
  • Vegetables and fruits should definitely be your snacks rather than snacking up on something salty and unhealthy. Green, leafy vegetables do not even have that many calories and are excellent for health.

Suppress your appetite by plums and see the difference. You must use these techniques, they are actually helpful and before you know it, you’ll be slim and smart!

Appetite Suppression Via Dark Chocolate

Introduction And Background
If you have planned to lose weight, you have to keep one thing in mind loud and clear. You have to have a control on your appetite. Without that, you might as well keep going the way you’re going. Weight loss is not at all difficult to understand. If you think about it really, it is just simple mathematics. You lose more calories than you take in, energy is subtracted from your fat storage and voila, you lose weight! Now what about that was difficult to understand? Nonetheless, weight loss is easier said than done. Appetite suppression does not come just like that. You have to work hard at it. But there are ways in which you can help yourself.

Why Is Appetite Suppression Instrumental In Weight Loss?
A lot of people always argue that exercise is the most important element in the entire weight loss regime. While exercise holds its own importance and is terrific when it comes to burning calories or toning the body, it isn’t the major thing that makes you lose weight. You lose weight when you suppress the appetite and take in lesser calories than you are burning in a day. The thing is, even if you are exercising and then eating the same amount, it really won’t help you. Imagine going to the gym and then coming back and eating an entire large meal in which you have fries and a fattening burger. How do you lose weight like that? Thus, appetite suppression is instrumental in weight loss. Even if you don’t go to the gym but just keep a control on your appetite, you will lose weight. Now do you see the difference?

Appetite Suppression Via Dark Chocolate
Now this must have come as a surprise to you. Chocolates are a general NO when it comes to the dieting program. You can’t have chocolates while on a diet and everyone knows that. But what about dark chocolate then? You can have that. In fact, it helps suppress the appetite! But remember, whenever there is something that suppresses the appetite it doesn’t mean that you overdose on it. You can have it in a normal amount. If dark chocolate suppresses the appetite, that does not mean you eat bars and bars of it. It only means that it helps to suppress the hunger pangs and a little of it can actually help you.

How Does Dark Chocolate Help Suppress The Appetite?
So what is it in dark chocolate that does the trick? Here are a few things that might interest you and learning about appetite suppressants is always a good step ahead in the weight loss regime.

  • Dark chocolate has a bitter taste. Very few people can eat it actually. Many prefer the sweet general chocolate bars that are available but those bars don’t help reduce appetite. Dark chocolate does. The bitter taste actually sends signals to the body and your appetite is automatically reduced because of it. Haven’t you ever noticed, when you eat something sour you don’t feel like eating much after that.
  • There is steric acid present in dark chocolates. The steric acid is very helpful in slowing down the digestion process. When one slows down the digestion process, this means that food stays in the stomach for longer. This also means that you don’t feel hungry for quite some time since the stomach is already full; your body is well adjusted to not eating for the time being.
  • Dark chocolate has an effect on the metabolism. It raises the metabolic rate and also reduces the absorption and storage of fats as well as carbohydrates. Usually a person who eats dark chocolate immediately feels satisfied and does not even seem to be in the mood to eat anything more. All of this generally prevents one from overeating and dark chocolate acts as a pretty good appetite suppressant this way.
  • Dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory effects and generally gives you a good feeling. This means that you are more likely to exercise with dark chocolate than without it as when you’re feeling good about what you’ve eaten and don’t feel bloated either, you can go for a stroll or do a few exercises.

But Remember…
One thing you must keep in mind though is that you must always choose the dark chocolate which has seventy percent cocoa in it. That means those chocolates have reduced calories and will be more effective in the plan you’ve set out to using them for.

Who thought this day would come where dark chocolate would actually help you to lose weight. Those who are actually fond of dark chocolate must be really happy right about now but remember, don’t overdo it. Eat a normal amount and utilize it to the maximum.

Simple Dieting Trick To Try At Home

Introduction And Background
Losing weight is a pretty tough obstacle that obese people try to cross. With all the delightful and fattening foods present in the world and appetites just growing, the rate of obesity is increasing per year. And of course, with it, so is the rate of dieting. However, you don’t have to worry that much. It becomes easier after a while. Any kind of diet you follow will be hard the first week you do it but then it becomes easy on you as your appetite is reduced. And with these simple dieting tricks to try at home, the experience might become even easier.

Simple Dieting Tricks
Here are a few simple dieting tricks you need to learn and incorporate in your daily lifestyle. You won’t be disappointed! These tricks will aid to your weight loss regime and might even help you lose weight faster or lessen your appetite considerably! Here they are!

  • No matter what, do not skip on breakfast. It doesn’t matter what diet you are following or what it tells you to do, have breakfast anyway! This does not mean you munch on fattening food. Be smart about it but if you have breakfast, it makes the entire day easier on you and is a great kick-start to your metabolism!
  • A habit that you should instill in yourself before anything else is that you need to eat your food slowly. Eating slowly means that you enjoy it more and also tend to avoid overeating in this manner as the brain thinks you’ve eaten enough since you’ve been munching at it for a longer time. It also eases the digestion process. So instead of gobbling on your food and gulping it down without properly chewing it, take your time.
  • Exercising always helps but if you’re not in the mood and can’t find the time, try doing chores at home. Not only will your family, especially your mother, be happy at that but you’ll also be burning calories.
  • You must avoid late night snacks and for that to happen, you need to develop a good routine. Try not staying up too late and sleep a few hours after you’ve had dinner so you remain satisfied for a good night’s sleep and aren’t awake to give in to your late night cravings either. Sleep at the right time! It is also healthy for weight loss and dieting in general!
  • Do not give in to your cravings, rather, ask your cravings questions! This will give you time to come to your senses and avoid giving in. Psychiatrists also say that if you really want to eat something, look at it and then shake your head saying no to it for a full ten seconds. You’ll have incredible will power to step away after that.
  • Whether you work or are a student or stay at home, you need to have fruits with you. Ensure that the fruits are not bananas or any other high sugar fruits but the normal ones like an apple or an orange. Having fruits with you saves you from getting an unhealthy thing to eat or stuffing yourself with a bag of chips. And fruits are really healthy on top of that.
  • Try to keep all items in low-fat. A lot of people say this doesn’t really help but that only happens if you have too much of the products too frequently. If it is there for an occasional usage, low-fat would do you all the good!
  • Keep telling yourself about the end game, a new, slimmer and thinner you. It will help you immensely in controlling yourself and if you keep that mental image in your head, you can say no to almost anything! It boosts your will power and you find the strength to stick to your diet and stay true to your weight loss agenda.
  • You should devise an eating order. If you have vegetables in your meal, eat them first. They are very low in calories and perhaps you won’t eat much of everything else. It is also a trick that people use which works most of the time. Eat the lesser evil and save yourself from the bigger one.
  • Try to weight yourself weekly, not daily. Daily weight checking can put you in a low mood because of course, who loses a lot in a day. But checking after a week is bound to put you in a happy mood!

There are various other tricks you can try right at home. You can even drink water before having any of your meals because that way, your stomach capacity will lessen for the food! Not only will you be able to eat less, it is actually a rather healthy trick. Try to apply all of these tricks and you will end up a very happy person.

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