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The Dashing Diet

Introduction And Background
With so many new diets on the block and a new one arising daily in magazines, the internet or maybe even television channels, one gets really confused as to whether or not the diet is any good at all. Until and unless the diet has many reviews and you generally know someone’s personal opinion on how the diet went down, you are always hesitant to follow it. However, there is a new diet called the dashing diet and while many would be hesitant to actually follow it, it is one of the healthiest diets there is. Read on the article further to know more about this diet and to see why it is one of the healthiest things around! And one thing to clear out before you begin, the dashing diet is also known as the dash diet. Both names can be used for this particular diet, in case you got confused.

What Is The Dashing Diet?
The dashing diet actually takes its name from the initials DASH which means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Hypertension is becoming a very common problem now and more than anything, it is due to the diet that people have started taking. It is very high in sodium and salt and all kinds of junk food and people rarely stock their kitchen with any vegetables and fruits now. The dashing diet is one which plans to give you high fiber foods which do not have many sugars or saturated fats in them. It’s cause is not only to reduce weight but to give a healthy body and lifestyle as well. Majorly, it reduces the chance of having heart disease or a stroke which is now a very big problem in many countries around the world where heart health is on a low. The dashing diet is not only for a single person but for everyone and the entire family can actually pursue it together. It makes things easier and also ensures that everyone in the family is following a healthy diet, not just one or two persons.

What Do You Eat In The Dashing Diet?
Well, one thing is really clear. Eating vegetables and fruits are a necessity because potassium is present in abundance in this category and we all know how terrific it is at lowering blood pressure. Colorful foods should be on the category because a diet rich in green and leafy vegetables along with fruits is something you definitely want to have. You won’t just be improving heart health but putting yourself on the weight loss regime as well which is a good thing.

Your Dairy Should Be Low Fat
Let’s be honest, every house has dairy products. Someone wants to have cheese, someone wants a pack of yoghurt daily or someone generally likes to drink milk all the time. However, one thing that the family has to make sure is that no matter what dairy comes into the house, it all has to be low fat. Low fat dairy is generally very high in fiber and does not give you the extra calories from fat that will not even be useful to you. Hence, learn to adapt to this and put yourself in the habit of picking up low fat dairy, it doesn’t matter, just make it an instinct and ask your family members to do the same.

Reducing LDL
By now, if one knows anything about heart health, they would know that LDL are the bad lipids and HDL are the good lipids that the body needs and also reduces risk of heart disease. Eating nuts, unsalted nuts, is one way of reducing LDL and cholesterol levels in the body. But you have to make sure that they are unsalted as salt can raise your blood pressure and cause hypertension, something you are avoiding in this diet.

Exercise Involved
The exercise involved is not strenuous and nothing that a person cannot do. You are required to give in about three hours a week in any way you want to. You can either go for a walk or have a light jog or use machines at home such as the exercise bike or the treadmill that is all up to you. And it is pretty light, giving three hours a week is not a heavy duty work and one can easily manage it. This is why the diet is becoming so popular.

People often joke that the dashing diet can make you into a dashing person and while they may be joking, there is a lot of truth in this line! This diet can actually make you fit and it is a diet for all times of the year, not just when you want to lose weight. It will keep you healthy and also retain it as you grow older.

The Best Time For Exercise

Introduction And Background
From the time that you are in kindergarten, exercise is emphasized upon. In fact, there are special classes held in the week till high school even so that physical fitness and health remains an integral part of your life. Even mothers with newborn babies are told to massage their child’s legs and flex them in different directions, a kind of exercise for a human being so tiny. Why is exercise so important? Why from the time you are born till the time you are old, you can’t hear enough about it? And most important, what is the best time for exercise?

Exercise Is An Essentiality In Life
Working out and maintaining fitness is really important. Not only does it keep you fit and you like looking at yourself in the mirror, it builds up your confidence and self-esteem and you don’t have to go through the problem of weight gain and weight loss or enter the vicious cycle if you’re in the habit of exercising. More than that, it keeps most of the diseases at bay. Those who jog regularly or go to the gym have a lesser tendency of developing any kind of heart problem and also are less lazy than those who don’t do anything of the sort. Hence, exercise not only boosts your confidence, it protects you as well!

What Is The Best Time For Exercise?
The truth is…there is no best time for exercise. You can literally exercise to your will and have the same results anytime of the day. It depends on your mood and your routine really. Those who are early risers can find time to exercise in the morning and it keeps them fresh throughout the day. It can also boost their metabolism. In another case scenario, there are people who go to the office and join the gym there for an hour or so during the afternoon when they need to relieve some stress and it works out great for them. Then there are also those people who actually do not find any time to exercise in the morning or during the day and can go for a nightly jog or a quite stroll after dinner. It all really depends on your mood. You just need to find the time to exercise; it doesn’t really matter what time it is. And even if there is a difference, for instance if there is a possibility that exercising in the morning will burn ten more calories per hour as compared to the afternoon, even then go for the time that makes you happy and you’re adapted to. You will end up exercising more frequently this way and will burn more calories anyway!

Do Seasons Affect Exercise?
Yes, seasons do have an effect on exercise. Generally, the body burns more calories in the cold because the body is working more to keep the temperature steady. This is why most people feel hungrier during the winter season, it is because their stomach wants food to generate some heat. However, there is research that says you burn more calories during the summer time if you exercise because you also lose a lot of water weight that way since sweating is more profuse in the warmth. However, it mostly all comes down to a difference of a few calories at most.

The Important Thing Is Not The Time But To FIND Time
Do not dwell on little complications such as the best time for exercise. It all really depends on the kind of person you are. A morning person who sleeps early at night would like to start a day fresh with exercising while a person who is not very fond of doing any activity during the day would likely be more fond of doing a workout at night. It is important to find time to actually do something, not to figure out when is the best time to do it. Fit exercise into your schedule; don’t fit yourself into the assumed schedule of exercise. Try to visit the gym or the nearby park or even get a treadmill at home if you cannot go out to jog and exercising does not even require much space, learn two or three workouts from the internet which you can easily do on a gym mat at home!

Hopefully after this article you must have learned by now that time you give matters, not when you give it. Exercise is really healthy and also saves you from a lot of troubles later on, even issues such as arthritis or maybe bone weakness. Keep your diet right and also stay in the habit of exercising; there is nothing that will prove to be more beneficial than that for your health for your entire life.

How To Remain Fit In Pregnancy

Introduction And Background
When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes a lot of changes. Her hormones are altered, there is a new body growing inside of her uterus and she is moody and in constant discomfort as well. On top of that, she also gains weight which is not something that any woman wants for herself. Other than the pregnancy weight, there is no reason one should put on a lot of weight. There are ways in which women can remain fit during a healthy pregnancy and other than the baby fat with no extra excessive weight. Read on further and you’ll find out how.

Enjoy The Water
There is a lot of pain in the joints and muscles for some women as their body is slowly getting enlarged from a certain area to accommodate space for the fetus. It is best to join a calm and serene activity such as swimming which will not only provide comfort for the joints but will also calm down the nerves as water can have a very peaceful effect. You can swim about for a bit, no need to do strenuous laps that can get you even more exhausted and irritable.

Do Yoga
Many pregnant women join yoga together to do some peaceful body stretches. It also helps to maintain your weight and again, like swimming, keeps you calm and serene. Yoga also removes the constraints on your joints and improves the flexibility of the body, something greatly needed in pregnancy.

Do An Exercise That Makes You Feel Comfortable
One cannot really choose a single exercise and tell a pregnant woman to abide by it. Some might prefer a light jog early in the morning while some might want to take a slow walk at night. There are also many who would join classes such as maybe dance class or aerobics class, whatever they find comfortable and suitable. All of these exercises are good for the body and the heart health which will be good for the baby as well.

It’s The Quality, Not The Quantity
Another thing that pregnant women need to understand is that the quality of the food they are eating matter more than the quantity. Sometimes a woman thinks that she needs to really eat a huge amount of stuff in order to provide nutrition for the baby. That is not the ideology that should exist. Eat a healthy amount of everything but don’t overdo it. And make sure that you are taking your supplements as advised by the doctor; they are of the utmost importance. A pregnant woman should never diet to stay fit in pregnancy because that might affect the development of the fetus but she shouldn’t overeat either.

Don’t Take Time Off From Housework
There is also another reason why pregnant women gain weight in pregnancy; they stop doing any kind of work. Resume the normal routine that you have and it will also burn calories as well as keep you fit. Working is not going to harm the pregnancy in any manner, as long as you’re not lifting anything heavy or something like that. Enjoy gardening or cooking or even cleaning around the house. Physical activity is only going to do you good, not bad.

Pregnant women also need to be careful during their pregnancy as to not put themselves in harm’s way. For instance, if a woman really loves to ride a bike and becomes pregnant, it would be advised not to go around on a bike due to balancing problems or maybe risk of accident. Get an exercise bike and utilize that. It is much safer and you can exercise the way you love. It is also best to avoid strenuous exercises that can tire you out and safer to join something slow and pleasant which can help burn calories and keep you fit but not cause any damage. The body is changing and one needs to accept that so you can’t exactly keep doing everything the same way you could before.

Remaining fit in pregnancy is not that difficult if one knows what to do and how to do it. There are so many classes for pregnant women in which they learn how to stay in shape during their pregnancy and to cope with the last few weeks in which there is grave discomfort. A pregnant woman can easily swim, bike on an exercise bike or do aerobics if she wants to. Of course, she should not go weight lifting or try to do any workouts that are really tiring and straining. Other than that, she can eat the normal healthy food that is cooked at home and then stick to her daily routine. A lot of pregnant women don’t even leave their jobs till the last month.





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