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Taking Control Of Your Hunger Via Mind

Introduction And Background
You should know one thing. Your mind plays a huge part in your weight loss program. If you are not into it, there is no use of dieting because you’ll end up leaving it anyway. You need to prepare yourself and you need to ensure that you have the thing ‘mind over matter’ in your head before you start dieting. Hunger is one of the worst enemies of your diet. It will make you think that the entire diet is pretty useless and that you are badly in need of sugar. And of course, the entire process of dieting takes a long time. This is one of the major reasons why diets fail. No one can take control of their hunger over such a long period of time. But you have to know that it is almost possible to lose weight in a day or two. You need to at least diet for three to four weeks and even more if you need to drop a lot of weight rather than just a little. You don’t lose weight overnight. Thus, it is pretty important that you control your hunger via mind otherwise…

Your Diet Will Not Succeed
Keep this thing in your mind as well. If you do not have control over hunger, your diet will probably last only two to three days and then you’ll continue eating normally as you did before. There is this thing with hunger, it can control your body and ruin your mood. You will end up being grouchy and feel irritated until you finally eat something. Hence, it is necessary that your diet succeed and in order for that to happen you need to make sure your mind and body agree with it.

Something That Doctors Advise…
Many psychiatrists gives their patients tips to avoid thinking about food and to think better over their decision. One such trick has worked for many patients. In it, they are advised to take a good look at whatever they want to eat before eating it. For a full ten seconds, they should move their head from left to right, telling themselves ‘NO’. In the end, they will probably not want to eat it and have better control over their hunger pangs! You should try it out at home. If there is a piece of cake that is just sitting there waiting to be eaten, you know what to do to avoid it!

Take Up Yoga
Yoga is one of the best exercises that gives you complete peace over your body and you are also very intact with your mind. Those who do yoga always say that they have better control over their hunger and their appetite and that it has helped them a lot. It is just one of those exercises that give you a better idea of yourself and how you’re supposed to take things about. Try it out. You’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel more at ease and more inclined to take better control of your appetite. There are many yoga positions that are aimed at suppressing the appetite. Do your researches, learn them, and then feel that you have better control over your body and your mind is much more at peace with itself.

Eat Such Fruits And Vegetables…
You would be surprised to hear that there are some fruits and vegetables which have such minerals and vitamins that can actually help control the appetite. Some of them even signal the brain to release a hormone CCK which makes the brain signal the person to stop eating because it feels full! Imagine having food to stop yourself from eating food! Of course, fruits and vegetables are not at all fattening if you have them the right way and in good amounts but imagine having them to stop eating in the first place! There are various berries which have that element in them, they can signal brain centers that you are now full and your appetite does not suffer this way. You do not feel hungry this way! It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to suppress the appetite and take control of your hunger.

The trick is to trick your mind. You can eat such foods, do such exercises or show a little patience and all of that will add up to taking control of your hunger via your mind. It is an important factor in a diet and think about it, if your brain does not agree to it how can you possible control your actions? You will eat that piece of cake if your brain does not say no to it. You will end up giving up on your diet if your brain does not agree with it. Hence, trick it!


Appetite Suppression Via Yoga

Introduction And Background
If you are obese and are thinking of losing weight, you need to get one thing straight in your mind. Losing weight is not possible without reducing the amount of food you eat. You have to, completely have to, and suppress the appetite. Otherwise, you might as well just think of being obese for the rest of your life. People say that it is possible to lose weight just with exercise. They are wrong. It takes a much longer time and you’re not losing weight this way, you’re just maintaining your weight if you think of exercise. However, you can also suppress your appetite along with exercise. The exercise that we’re talking about here is yoga! Of course, everyone has heard about yoga but only a few would know how to do it. Read on further to find out how it can help you on the road to a slimmer and thinner you!

Statistically Speaking…
If you really want to know the truth, here it is. Statistics show that if you do yoga, you can reduce the amount of food you eat by more than fifty percent! Imagine that! You’ll be losing weight in no time! Those who teach yoga often say that if you feel like eating, immediately start doing a few yoga steps that you’re well acquainted with. You wouldn’t want to eat after that, you’ve got that much control over your mind and body!

Yoga And Appetite Suppression
Yoga and appetite suppression are quite the perfect match. In order to suppress the appetite, you need to do yoga! It helps with the anxiety and stress that you are feeling and can generally help you manage your daily routine as well as your weight pretty well! It gives you a sense of complete control over your body and you’ll be better in touch with your senses than before. Yoga is pretty perfect for appetite suppression and one should always think of trying it out. It gives you an added element of caring more about your body. Hence, in the future, you will be more inclined towards eating healthy and not overeating because you are doing yoga. Don’t be afraid, doing yoga is not that hard. You might think that it is, but it really isn’t.

A Few Yoga Steps
Here are some of the poses that are best to make you curb down on your appetite and try to lose weight. You can easily do them in the vicinity of your home and they aren’t that hard either.

  • The Warrior II
    Your feet should be together while standing. Bend the right knee slightly to the right side after taking a huge step in the same direction. The toes of the right foot should be pointing towards the right while the foot of the left should be pointing straight as it before.
  • Side Reach
    This step is also pretty easy to do. You are in the Warrior II position but you now have to put your right forearm on your thigh and then stretch your left arm overhead.
  • Plank
    You all must have heard about this but little did you know that planks are considered to be yoga! Doing planks in the same position as always. Just make sure your breathing is regulated.
  • Downward-Facing Dog
    In the plank position, push your hips upwards, forming a V now.
  • Cobra
    Lie down on the floor and then push your chest and face a little upwards. Keep your arms beneath your shoulders.

Does One Lose Calories While Doing Yoga?
Of course, one loses calories while doing any exercise. However, you might not lose as many calories as you would do going to the gym or going for an intense jog. But you must keep in mind that yoga reaches other parts of your body that gym and a jog cannot. It makes you more in-tune with yourself. It gives you more control over your mind and that of course gives you more control over what you eat. The food lovers especially will find lots of benefits with yoga. Appetite suppression does not come easy and yoga will make it better for you. In fact, your appetite will be suppressed before you know it and pretty soon you’ll be looking at your body and feeling the difference!

There are many ways to suppress the appetite. One of them is naturally taking the use of water. Drink water before every meal and you’ll eat less because half of your stomach is already filled with water. Another way to naturally suppress the appetite is to eat green leafy vegetables that keep you full and do not give you many calories. And then of course, there is yoga. You can see the benefits of taking up this exercise!

Appetite Suppression Via Olives And Olive Oil

Introduction And Background
With fast food and fries and shakes ready and available at the cheapest prices within a few minutes reach, who wouldn’t get fat in times like these? But nowadays, awareness is there for obesity and those who are obese are trying their level best to lose weight. Losing weight is not that easy. It is easier said than done and no one knows how hard it is unless they experience it for themselves. Obese people love to eat and in order to lose weight, they would have to suppress their appetite and control that love. This can be hard, talking from experience! However, things become a little easier when one learns to suppress the appetite. Read on further to know the importance behind that and how you can possibly use it and make it come about.

Why Is Appetite Suppression So Important?
This question has been asked by many, especially by those who think that more importance should be given to exercising and burning off calories rather than actually controlling the calories one is taking in. But if this is the way one goes about it, they’ll never lose weight properly or will lose it at a very slow pace. They’ll probably just end up toning their body. Try to understand this, one cannot exercise all the time. Daily routines are not made that way and it is not possible to always be going to the gym or going for a jog. At most, a person will exercise for three hours probably or an hour more on free days. But if they eat the same way, without thinking about calories, they will probably just be burning the same or less than what they ate that day. In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you are taking in. And for that you need to control what you eat, suppress the appetite and learn to live with smaller portions.

How To Suppress The Appetite?
Suppressing the appetite is hard but there are ways in which you can make it easier for yourself. For instance, people research a lot about certain fruits and vegetables which can make you full easily and will also keep your hunger at bay for longer periods of time. This is why people have a protein breakfast during the morning. Proteins take a longer time to digest and they don’t make you fat. Hence, if the food stays in the stomach for a longer period, you’re bound to not feel hungry for a longer period as well correct? You have to know the trick behind suppressing the appetite.

Using Olives And Olive Oil As Appetite Suppressants
You’ll want to know how this is possible that one is using oil as an appetite suppressant. Wasn’t oil supposed to be fattening? Well, not olive oil. Olive oil can be used smartly and it is often taken by dieters because of its amazing health benefits as well as its ability to suppress the appetite. Did you know that olive oil decreases or slows down the contractions of the stomach which means that your food will not be processed immediately. As said before, if it takes its time in the stomach, you’ll take your time to feel hungry again! Another thing that you should know is that olive oil causes the release of a hormone CCK (Cholecystokinin) which is basically a hormone that makes the brain feel full and it makes it sends signals to the person to stop eating. What can possibly be better?! It is good to sprinkle a little olive oil on your salad or if you’re in the mood to add a little spice to your food, you can grill it or even fry it in the pan with a tablespoon of olive oil along with it. And of course, olive oil comes from olives so you can have olives as well, even though some people will prefer to not take it that way. Both things would suit.

A Habit To Instill
Using olive oil and olives as appetite suppressants is certainly good but there is another habit that you should instill in yourself. Drink water before every meal. It helps in the digestive system and also fills up your stomach before you are eating. This means that there will be less space for food and you’ll naturally eat less. With whatever method of suppressing the appetite you have adopted, make sure you get this habit in you as well.

Do not be hesitant to use olive oil or olives as appetite suppressants just because you consider it as oil. It actually has numerous benefits and can help you keep your hunger under control and to suppress the appetite as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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