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Difference Between Appetite, Hunger And Insatiety

Introduction And Background

The words you see above are used a lot in the world. It might even be the words that you hear the most if you are overweight. You will read these words almost everywhere. But have you ever tried to figure out the difference between them? What does one really mean when they say appetite? What is hunger defined as or is it just a synonym of appetite? Is insatiety related to hunger as well or is it entirely its own agenda? This article will help you to understand the meaning and the difference behind these three words. Hopefully you will understand them.

What Is Hunger?
Hunger is the feeling you get when you badly want food. It is your need, your craving, your pangs that you get when you have an empty stomach and want to eat something. Your brain is responsible for this as well as the chemical reactions that are occurring inside your stomach. Your body’s reaction to hunger is automatically a craving so that you go and eat something. It might occur due to some kind of starvation mechanism as you feel hungry when your blood sugar level starts to decrease as well. Hunger is also taken to be a protective mechanism that enables the body to get the energy it is looking for fro the digestion and absorption of food. That will only happen if you eat the food! Hence, the hunger pangs. It is a natural need which is inborn in every human being, especially babies who cry when they feel hungry so that they can be fed.

What Is Appetite?
Mane people mistake appetite and hunger to be the same thing but they are not. Appetite is known to be the want, the desire, the longing for food. Your appetite can be vast as it is directly related to the amount of food you eat and not why you are eating the food. It is the response the body gives to something you like. You might not be feeling hungry at all but you will still eat something that you like. That is your appetite. It is the response that you have towards food, whether you are in the need to eat it or not, because you want to eat it.

What Is Insatiety?
This word is the easiest to understand because it is what it is in plain English. Insatiety is actually your distaste, your ability to not be satisfied with the food. It can be due to eating less that your hunger still isn’t satisfied and the pangs exist or it could be due to eating something you don’t like which ruins your appetite. It is linked to both the things but is a feeling that one gets which has more to do with the likeness or the amount of food that you are eating.

The Difference Between Hunger, Appetite And Insatiety
The difference has been outlined in detail but just to sum it all up, the difference between the three lies in their definition. Hunger is known as the want of food to appease yourself or your starvation. Appetite is the desire for food that you feel whether you are hungry or not because you have a likeness to eat more or are in the mood for a specific kind of food. Insatiety is the unsatisfactory feeling you can get if you are not pleased with the amount of food you have eaten or do not like the food you are eating or have eaten.

Controlling Hunger
This is similar to controlling the appetite. A lot of dieters read a lot about appetite suppression. It has to do with controlling the hunger pangs and being content with the few things you are eating. When you are overweight, your stomach size also increases and it takes time to adjust to feeling of eating less because you are in the habit of filling your stomach to the fullest. Controlling your hunger is not an easy thing to do. Suppressing the appetite is also not an easy thing to do. Most dieters complain that this is the reason why most diets fail. They are unable to stay within the range of the diet and want to eat whatever they want whenever they want. Fortunately, there are ways to help with that as there are a lot of natural foods that act as great appetite suppressants. With their help and a little will power, okay a lot of will power, you will be able to control your hunger and suppress the appetite.

Understanding the difference between the three words will help you to understand further articles that you will read when they talk about hunger and appetite and even insatiety. Hopefully you understood the difference well.



Appetite Suppression By Grapefruit

Introduction And Background

When you want to lose weight, there are basically two things that you concentrate on the most. You want appetite suppression and you have to exercise. These are the two key things to dieting, the two things that you cannot possibly lose weight without. You’ll learn now why appetite suppression is more important than exercise though and how one can suppress the appetite since it sounds easier than it looks. In fact, appetite suppression is one of the hardest things that a person has to do. Exercise does not take much of your will power in that manner but appetite suppression does. A lot of diets fail if one is unable to suppress the appetite. The love for food is what got them overweight in the first place; would they be easily willing to settle for eating less and eating low fat food? Think about it!

Appetite Suppression And The Importance Behind It
You have read that appetite suppression is very important but you have not read why. Well, here is the answer. Appetite suppression is what makes you lose weight. It is a simple case of mathematics that is applied here. You will only lose weight if you are burning more than you eat. For instance, if you eat an entire burger and fries you are gaining a lot of calories. You might as well exercise but you’ll probably be just maintaining your weight and toning your body. Losing weight takes more effort than that. Now imagine yourself eating just lettuce and tomatoes in a green leafy salad and then exercising. You will be burning more fat than you have taken in. This will eventually lead to a decrease in weight.

Appetite Suppression By Grapefruit!
Appetite suppression is not that easy to come by. To be honest, it is the hardest thing one has to do in a diet. But there are ways of making appetite suppression easier. There are foods that help to suppress the appetite along with your own will power. They have such minerals and elements that can enable your body to deal with appetite and lessen it somehow. Grapefruit is one of them. It is a very popular food for appetite suppression. Go ahead and search about it. In any list that you can find on the top appetite suppressants, grapefruit will be among the top five at least if not the top ten. It is a magnificent appetite suppressant and has helped a lot of people to lose weight. It has other qualities as well which we will discuss now.

How Is Grapefruit An Appetite Suppressant?
You will be wondering how grapefruit is an appetite suppressant. Well, grapefruit has a lot of qualities which lead it to being one of those foods that can help you lose weight. What are they? They are listed here:

  • It has a high fiber content. Fiber is basically a food that causes the bowel movement to increase as it is not absorbed into the blood. It has a very low calorie amount and is good for peristalsis and even helps in lessening constipation.
  • It has certain vitamins that have the ability to reduce the hunger cravings that one feels. This helps a lot in managing the pangs that even have the tendency to cause us mental unease until and unless we eat something to satisfy ourselves.
  • Grapefruit has a high citrus acid content. Citrus acid is known to increase the alkaline effects of the body and your cravings are automatically reduces in this manner.
  • Grapefruit has some of the same tendencies as green tea as it has been proven to be a very effective and efficient fat burner. So other than suppressing the appetite, it also directly helps you to lose weight by dealing with the fats.

The Way To Have Grapefruit
It is no different than having any other fruit. Grapefruits are not a total favourite because of the way they taste but the good part is that once you have it more than three times, you get used to the flavor and eventually it becomes delicious to you too. The best way to have grapefruit is to eat the fruit in its raw form so that you can get all the advantages of it, especially the fiber. Grapefruit juices are also fine but ensure that the juice is completely natural as any kind of additives added will probably diminish the effects of grapefruit as an appetite suppressant.

Appetite suppression by grapefruit is one of the best techniques that you can apply. There are other fruits too which help in appetite suppression such as apples and oranges but grapefruit is still the top in the list. Do not forget, it is also a fat burner along with being a suppressant.


Good And Bad Cholesterol


Introduction And Background
Cholesterol is basically a white and waxy substance which is found in the body though not always in this form! It is an important substance which is present in the body and is essentially needed for a lot of functions. A lot of things happen in the presence of cholesterol and a lot of things are also aided by this. However, if cholesterol helps so much in the body why is it that we are constantly hearing about the danger of cholesterol levels? Why do we see our parents worrying about high levels of cholesterol and why do some people take medications to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body? You will get all your answers. Just read on further to find out.

A Little Information On Cholesterol
You should know that cholesterol is present in animals only. You might never see it in plants since it is mostly absent. It is necessary in the body because it is a constituent of a lot of things. Here are a few of them:

  • The steroid hormones which are vital for the proper functioning of the human body are formed from cholesterol. In fact, most of them cannot be synthesized without it!
  • It is present in almost all the organs of the body for proper functioning which also includes the brain and the nervous system along with the muscles and even the liver amongst other things.
  • It’s presence is necessary for the formation of vitamin D by the skin by reacting with the rays of the sun.
  • It is present in cell membranes of almost all cellular structures and we know that we’re completely made from cells!

Why Is Cholesterol Bad Then?
To understand this, you have to know two things. There is a type of good cholesterol and there is a type of bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is named as HDL cholesterol which is mostly present in the body and it aids in whatever was mentioned above. The bad cholesterol is the LDL cholesterol which can actually damage the body a lot and cause numerous diseases. It is this cholesterol whose levels rises in the body that people get worried about and want to fix as quickly as they possibly can before things get worse.

What Can Bad Cholesterol Do?
Bad cholesterol can actually do a lot of things. The LDL cholesterol can harm our body in numerous ways:

  • Science has proven that the level of the LDL cholesterol in our blood is directly proportionate to the risk and development of atherosclerosis. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is actually a disease in which the arteries of the body, especially the ones supplying the heart, are narrowed considerably and the blood pressure rises due to that. Sometimes they can even become completely blocked which leads to a stroke which might eventually or even at that moment perhaps cause death.
  • There are even plaques (blockage by LDL cholesterol) in other blood vessels of the body and they can also lead to wasting of the muscles or that part entirely. One has to be really careful about these cholesterol levels.

What Does The Good Cholesterol Do?
The good cholesterol performs all the proper functions of the body and does not harm the body. On the contrary, it can even undo some of the damage that is done by the bad cholesterol. There are studies which have shown that HDL cholesterol are sometimes taking away the blockage that is caused by the LDL cholesterol which can lead to clearer arteries and a much better blood flow.

How To Keep Your Cholesterol Levels In Line?
Firstly, you must be aware of all the fatty food you are taking in because they are actually the perfect reason of why you are where you are in the first place. Sometimes people do not even know they have high cholesterol levels and only when they experience some sort of chest pain or mild aches do they get themselves checked and then find out. It is best to keep a regular check on cholesterol levels so that you can keep everything balanced and in line. If you are in danger then your doctor will probably put you on medication and tell you to keep a good check on your diet. The medication will clear up your arteries but there are other ways to also reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Do your research and you will find out as there are also many natural foods which aid in this mission.

Cholesterol is not something that you can escape on. It is a necessity inside your body since it performs so many functions. However, make sure you are eating foods which have the good cholesterol only!

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