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Green Tea Herbal Supplements: Are They As Good As Green Tea Itself?

Introduction And Background
Green tea is a word that everybody associates positively with. It is a herbal drink that is often found in households, particularly in Asian countries. This herbal drink has many uses and many benefits and is often used for different purposes, weight loss being one of the top three. Now, some people are not that fond of drinking tea but they still want to have the benefits of drinking green tea. There are supplements made for those people so that they do not suffer at the hands of their taste buds, just because they do not want to have the drink. Thus, this article will aim to explain whether or not green tea herbal supplements are as good as the original green tea itself.

Why Green Tea In The First Place?
Why is green tea a good thing in the first place? It cannot only be weight loss that is bringing people towards this herbal tea. The thing is, weight loss is just an added factor to what green tea really does. It aids diabetic people into making their health better and maintaining blood glucose levels. It has also shown to relieve cancer patients and those specially who are undergoing chemotherapy and of course the source of weight loss which is hyperlipidemia. And the coolest thing about green tea is that even in high doses or frequent drinking there really is no harm. It does decrease iron absorption a bit but then no one is telling anemic patients to have three to five cups of green tea per day. That wouldn’t be a smart move. Drink green tea but drink it moderately. It also improves digestion and you’ll notice people often drinking it after having a large meal so that they can ease the digestion process.

Supplements Of Green Tea
The market for supplements of green tea have really increased in the past decade. Not only do people want more of the supplements but the market capital for the leaves of green tea to make the supplements has also increased over the past few years. The supplements have active compounds in them such as polyphenols and are often sometimes decaffeinated which is good for the people who are trying not to have too much of a caffeine intake. Nonetheless, studies have shown that dry leaves release lesser organic substances than leaves in boiling water and it is the components from the dry leaves that mostly forms the supplements of green tea.

Not all supplement labels carry what they are saying they do. Sometimes, when capsules are tested, they do not have half the catechins that the cover says it does. This can come as a bit of a problem for those who are buying the supplements for the exact same thing. It can be a little deceiving and for that you really have to do your research to buy the perfect supplements for green tea so that in the near future there is no problem with your weight loss process!

But on the other hand…
Polyphenols in supplements have shown to have a greater effect than the ones present in brewed tea. The research done has on a countless number of times shown the same pattern of having higher polyphenol antioxidant activity in the people who took green tea supplements as compared to those who drank the brewed tea.

The Benefits Of Having Green Tea Supplements
Let’s face it, in this time and era no matter how much you want to take care of your health and whatever it is that you are doing, no one has the time to first boil the water on pot, put the leaves in and then leave them for five minutes so that everything is mixed perfectly and whatever was to be gotten from the leaves is gotten. Instead, people prefer to have green tea supplements because they give the exact same properties if not more. The absorption process is also quicker because the supplements are made this way.

So Is It The Same as Having Green Tea?
It is somewhat the same as having green tea because you are getting the full benefits of it. Some people think that having the original green tea is better and while they may be right in their own way, the supplements are as good as the tea itself.

Since both the things are good, either one is fine. If you have the time, make green tea yourself rather than buying supplements but if you do not have the time then it is better to buy the supplements and give yourself a little treat. It will really improve your health and also has the potential to make your hair and skin much better.

Garcinia Cambogia For Diet – Does It Work?

Introduction And Background
The topic of the article is not a very common one because either you’ve heard of Garcinia Cambogia or you haven’t. It is actually a fruit that is found in Asia and was used for cooking before it was discovered that this particular food can actually encourage weight loss. This article will aim to explain about this fruit for diet and whether it works or not. You need to read the article carefully to separate myth from reality and know what this diet can do for you and what it cannot.

The Form Of The Fruit
You will not usually find this fruit in the fruit form because it is mostly available in the market as powder form or in the pill form. The thing is, the extract from this fruit, the extract of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), is what makes this fruit so special as this special extract is what makes you lose weight. Sometimes Garcinia Cambogia is also found in snack bars and some chocolates for you to have. There are very few people who would like to have this fruit in the proper form because most people prefer having it in the form that is available readily in the market.

How Does It Work?
The HCA is the one doing everything and the way this diet works, it means that HCA has the capacity to make you feel full sooner so that you don’t eat a lot and your appetite is reduced. It also makes your metabolic rate faster which means that you are burning a greater number of calories than you did before at the same exercise or same activity or even the same routine. However, this is what the diet people say. What is the truth behind the HCA present in Garcinia Cambogia, read on further to find out whether all these claims that were just said above have any truth to it.

Does It Really Make You Feel Full?
To be very honest, there has yet to be some substantial evidence in the scientific world that supports this claim. Those who are dieting experience a lot of things and just because five people or even fifteen for that matter have experienced something this does not mean that the general public has to follow exactly that because it will happen with them too. Garcinia Cambogia’s HCA might make you feel full but it is difficult to determine it on paper like that.

Does It Really Help With The Weight Problem?
Again, there is lack of any such evidence which can suggest that this powder or supplement will reduce weight or help lower body weight. If someone tells you that it will do this, it might act as a placebo and make you follow a strict diet even because you think something is happening but there is only one research which has said that those who took the supplement lost about two more pounds than those who did not which does not, if considering science, prove anything.

Does It Really Boost Your Metabolic Rate?
Yes, this does happen. HCA is effective on the metabolic rate and metabolism, especially fat metabolism is seen to be affected. There is a seen increase in the fat metabolism rate which means that you will be burning fat if you have had this fruit’s active ingredient. However, keep one thing in mind; you also have to maintain a proper diet alongside it because only having this small pill will not cut off all the fat from your body just like that.

So…Does This Diet Work?
Saying this diet does work and does not work both are two different statements. Saying them both like that would be wrong because Garcinia Cambogia for diet sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. It can work for some people and not for others but it all leads down to the same thing; if you diet properly and then have this fruit, it might just aid you a bit in weight loss as it is seen to boost up fat metabolism which is important in a diet.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Unfortunately, there are side effects to having Garcinia Cambogia. Some experience dizziness while others complain of headaches and even dry mouth. Diarrhea and stomach aches can also be experienced but don’t worry about that, these things are an adverse effect to quite a number of medications.

Using this fruit for dieting is completely up to you but do not depend on it alone. It can be useful in a diet if used in the correct manner and if you are true to your diet and take this fruit alongside it, you might end up losing the amount of weight that you really wanted to you know!


Benefits Of Doing Workout In A Gym

Introduction And Background
Working out is an essentiality if you are out to lose those extra pounds that you have gained. Of course, dieting is very necessary as well, there is no doubt about that. Things cannot move forward if you are not prepared to suppress the appetite and change what you eat. If you are into burgers and malts and milkshakes and fries, you will have to leave them. There is no other way about it. Only exercising is not enough because doing that might make you maintain the weight you are at but exercising and eating as much as you’d like is not a terribly good combination for weight loss. You will truly have to deal with it from all sides to make it successful. In this article, you will get to know about the benefits of doing workout in a gym and how helpful it might be in the regime you have planned.

The Benefits Of Working Out In The Gym
Working out is very important. It is important for weight loss yes but it is also important to live a healthy and good life. You should not be a lazy person and if you have an office job which requires you to sit all the time or even if you are a student always attending classes, you should include workouts, even if it cannot happen daily. Do it three times a week or whatever and however you have planned it. But do know that it will make you more fit and more able, mentally as well as physically. It has been proven that those who are fitness freaks are less likely to be depressed! And those who are depressed should start working out to overcome it! Anyway, here are the benefits you’ll get from working out in the gym, aside from the ones already mentioned.

  • If you are going to the gym, you will have a set routine and will actually miss it if something happens and you are unable to go. It gradually becomes a part of your routine once you start and at times people actually look forward to it! Even if you are not going to the gym on a daily basis, you would suddenly want to! At least go for a week or so to get this habit instilled and you’ll feel better exercising at the gym than you did at home.
  • Sometimes you do not want to jog around or walk, you actually want to do some strenuous workout routines using equipment that might not be easily available at homes. Thus, everyone knows that the gym is stocked up with all equipment and that whether you are in the mood to ride the bike, lift weights or box it out with a punching bag, you will not be running out of options there!
  • Sometimes, it is better to get out and see how others are doing and a sense of competition develops. If you are going to the gym to workout you will of course be meeting other people there as well. They might drive you to exercise more or you might enjoy it more. Sometimes you also meet dieters there and that motivates you further because if someone else can do it, why not you? It really helps at times to have a gym buddy and exercise is never boring if you have someone to do it with!
  • Working out in a gym sometimes ensures that you do exercise. If you have to do it at home, you might keep delaying it and sooner than later it will be time to fall asleep. When you have to go the gym and have paid for the membership, a strong feeling ensues at times that you just have to get up and go. Following that feeling is good and it often helps a lot in weight loss, when you are sticking to your routine.
  • Since you interact with people at the gym, you can know stories about diets or fitness plans that might have worked or might not have worked out. It gives you a better sense of what to do and what not to do. There is a sea of information present at the gym, there is no doubting that! And if you are even a little social, you will be getting the tips of a lifetime.

Now that you have read the benefits of working out in a gym, it is time for you to go and get your membership of the nearest one to your house. It will benefit you a lot and you might even become more vigorous at the workouts if they show a difference in the weighing scales! Exercise at the gym and diet at home, a perfect combination!


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