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Water – A Miraculous Appetite Suppressant

Introduction and Background

There has been a lot of research going on to find out ways in which one can reduce their appetite or to use the regularly used word, suppress it. The field of medicine has brought in some major breakthroughs that have resulted in several medicines that can bring down your appetite visibly by playing with your hormones. But the question that has to be raised at this point is simple. Is it really worth it taking all those medicines with God knows what side effects? What if there was a way to suppress one’s appetite without going into the trouble of taking medicines that could cause you other problems? It is pretty much obvious that the answer to that question would be a definite yes, given the amount of awareness that is spreading among the common people about synthetically produced cures. So what is it that hasn’t yet been talked about? The answer to that, ladies and gentlemen is one word; nature. Nature has pretty much always given us an alternative way to solve all our medical problems using naturally growing or occurring phenomena. One of the things that have been given to us by nature that can effectively suppress our appetites is easily available all around us. In fact, it is 70% of all earth itself. Yes, I am talking about water. It is the simplest of all creations of nature, the number of uses of which cannot be counted in a single go. So how does water really affect our appetite? Read on to find out all about it.

The impact of water on appetite

When feeling hungry, there is only one feeling that can make us feel satisfied and that is a full stomach. So what if we drink lots of water? Well it is as simple as it gets. If you drink enough water to make you feel full and then just control yourself from grabbing the next edible thing you find lying around, the job is done right there. The feeling of hunger gets killed completely.

The science

The impact of water on appetite is something that has been thoroughly studied by researchers too. Several studies have been conducted where two groups have been devised to study this impact. The first is the control group which eats food like any normal person would in their normal routine and the second group is one which is tasked with drinking an average of two glasses of water before starting their meal. The result, as per the expectations, was the same. The group that drank two glasses of water before starting their meal showed that their appetite was considerably less than that of the control group and as a result, so was their calorie intake.


Drinking water before meals has a lot of benefit to the body. In addition to achieving the primary objective which is the suppression of appetite, it also helps in the digestion of food and the cleansing of the body. Using water as a way to curb sudden pangs of hunger is deemed very effective by doctors and nutritionists all over the world and the reason is the absolute effectiveness it shows in suppressing the appetite.


It is recommended that you drink two glasses of water before every meal and make it a habit. However too much water is also not good for your body so keep the intake limited to half a liter max in a single turn. With the results of various researches showing that water really is effective for suppressing appetite and causing weight loss, it is very clear that in your fight against the extra fat in your body and your bad eating habits, water can a very powerful ally of yours.

Appetite Suppression – Why Important for Weight Loss?Appetite Suppression – Why Important for Weight Loss?

Introduction and Background

Weight loss has been the focal point of life for most of the people around us for quite some time now, since obesity has taken a serious toll on the world’s population. The number of people who are obese nowadays in any given number of people has increased exponentially since the last few decades. This increase has caused a serious stir in the health circles and researchers have started looking for ways to stop this trend from spreading and somehow reverse its impact too. One of the things that have been studied very critically as a solution for being overweight is the suppression of appetite. A lot of different studies have tried to figure out if and how suppressing one’s appetite can have an impact on the amount of excess fat that the body of an overweight person is carrying. The results from these researches have been very positive and a number of different techniques have been devised to help implement this solution in an effective way. Read on to find out more about how a person can achieve a desirable bodyweight by using methods of diet suppression.

The Natural Side

Serotonin is a very important chemical that our body produces for the purpose of performing a very specific action; appetite suppression. Serotonin curbs the body’s craving for food by making it feel satisfied even though the stomach has yet been filled fully. As a result the person eats less and that leads to a loss in weight. But of course it isn’t that simple, or else no one would ever be overweight. The basic building element of serotonin is tryptophan which is an amino acid and even though it is found in all proteins, it isn’t possible for it to enter the blood stream after eating something full of protein, the tryptophan has to compete with other amino acids to enter the brain but due to the small numbers, it isn’t possible to provide it in sufficient amounts. However if carbohydrates are consumed, the body produces insulin to convert the glucose from the carbohydrates into glycogen. This causes other amino acids to travel to other organs like the heart and liver, leaving the tryptophan still in the blood stream from where it can travel to the brain and cause the body to feel satisfied. Therefore carbohydrates are a much better food choice for a pre-meal snack to produce serotonin in advance.

Medical Methods for Diet Suppressions

A lot of research has been done to produce medicine that is able to suppress the appetite in order to avoid overeating. All these medicines, whether they are OTC drugs or injectable liquids, have shown promising impacts on diet and most of them are actually doing the same thing that nature does. All they do is stimulate the production of serotonin in the body to bring about the desired effect.

Keeping a Balance

While using medicines to suppress one’s appetite is nothing harmful and most of the products available in the market have very little side effects if any, it is still a good idea to keep the intake of both the food and medicine in check and consult a proper registered physician for dosage and diet. Overdoing it could cause some serious health problems too so it is better to be careful than to be sick.


Appetite suppression has proven its worth as an effective method for controlling weight and anyone wanting to lose their extra body fat can opt for it as it doesn’t have any aspect that restrict it from anyone. However, taking proper care and consulting a physician before taking any step is what is always the best thing to do when it comes to medicine.

Which Salads Are Good For Appetite Suppression?

It is vital to our health that we have an appetite that isn’t harmful for us. Therefore we are always busy searching for the best way to somehow bring it to an optimal level. Among those ways is a particular food option that has proven its worth continuously; salads. The success that eating salads has shown as a way to suppress appetite has put it at the top of the list of ways in which one can control their appetite. However, not all salads are the same. You cannot expect to be healthy while dosing yourself with endless amounts of heavy mayonnaise filled salads. So what is the perfect salad concoction? To find out about the salad ingredients which that help you with your appetite, read on.


Eating veggies can be a very fruitful way to bring your appetite in control. They are a huge source of fiber and other important ingredients like minerals and vitamins which provide for several vital functions that the body needs to perform in order to work normally. Any green vegetable that you find out there can really help you bring your appetite under control while providing your body with important nutrients. Some of the best ingredients that you can use in your salads are discussed here.

  • Lettuce: This leafy green vegetable which is rich in fiber and has minimal calories is one of the most sought after ingredients when it comes to healthy salads. With a calorie count that stands at only 15 calories for every 100 grams, it is certainly a great and necessary salad ingredient. Other benefits include provision of Vitamin K and minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • Cucumber: Just like the water melon whose family cucumber belongs to, this amazing vegetable is actually 98% water. Having it during your meals and specially before it can help you suppress your appetite as it helps in giving that feeling of fullness in your stomach and at the same time you don’t have too much calorie intake. Other benefits also include fibers and vital mineral provision.
  • Carrots: Not only does this amazing vegetable provide a colorful look to your salad, it also provides a lot of fiber and has a very low calorie count. In short, it is the perfect appetite suppressant.


Not only are fruits a great source of nutrition, they are also a great source of enjoyable taste. Adding fruits to your salads can bring a lot of diversity while at the same time helping you keep the amount of calories you consume in check. While all fruits can be a great source of appetite suppression, there are some that need special mentioning.

  • Apples: Apples are probably the best of all fruits when it comes to appetite suppression. Not only are they rich in fiber, they also provide a lot of nutrients while at the same time carrying a very small amount of calories. It is highly recommended that you add them to your salads.
  • Grapes: These are also a great source of appetite suppression as they are rich in fiber and water content. Other than the benefits they carry for appetite control, they also help with indigestion and some other medical conditions.
  • Oranges: This is one of the best fruits when it comes to multiple vital benefits. Not only do they provide a good source of fiber and carry a low calorie count, they also help strengthen the immune system. The benefits of oranges are practically countless.

Including different fruits and veggies to your salads can not only help you make a whole range of different salad recipes, they can also help you properly control your appetite. How you end up combining them to form different recipes is totally up to you.

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