Why You Should Go Swimming

Introduction And Background
There are many exercises which might bring a frown on your face. Maybe a jog is something that would irritate you after a hard day’s work and maybe going to the gym and lifting weights is also not that appealing unless you are a body builder. But there is one exercise which everyone is quite fond of, especially during their childhood days. And maybe that feeling persists even when the children turn into adults. Yes, that exercise is swimming. When summertime comes around the corner, it’s like the only thing to suddenly do is go swimming, whether it is in the pool or the beach or even a nearby lake in the community. While there is no doubt that there are many benefits to go swimming, the important thing is to know and acknowledge them so that you understand better why you should go swimming. If you keep reading, you might just consider it THE thing to do during the summer or even during wintertime if there is a proper heating system in a nearby swimming pool.

It Can Make You Lose Weight
The most obvious of reasons to go swimming is weight loss. In fact, it is a total body workout, were you aware of that? If you have been swimming, you will notice that your entire body is working in a synchronous manner, doesn’t matter what type of swimming style you are adapting to. Whether it is the free stroke or the butterfly stroke or even backward swimming, you will be moving your arms and legs, adjusting your head and trying to stay afloat with the energy you can muster. Isn’t it better than lifting a few dumbbells for your arms or maybe doing crunches for your stomach? This way, you are doing a bit of something for all parts of the body. Thus, swimming is a good exercise for weight loss and one you can look forward to. It is exciting, jumping into the water. It might just get you to lose weight if you are avoiding and are tired of other kinds of exercises.

Good For The Joints
As you grow older, you really have to be careful about the joints. You probably cannot do squats as well as you could when you were twenty. You also cannot lift very heavy weights that easily at above the age of fifty. Since the bone mass decreases as we grow older, we really have to be careful about our joints. Swimming is one exercise which do not harm the joints in any way, otherwise they are pretty much vulnerable to any other exercise you can name. Swimming is the only exception. In the fluid motion in the pool, doesn’t matter how much you thrash about or how much you swim, your joints will still be in a good stature.

No Equipment Needed At All
You don’t need any equipment, besides a giant pool that is! But they aren’t that hard to find and most people building homes should definitely consider installing a pool if they have the space. It would really help in the future. Besides, buying machines will be much more expensive than getting a membership for a pool for a few months.

Something For Everyone
Aside from children splashing in the pool with the young adults trying to do laps and the middle aged people going in for a bit along with the old people trying to do something, you will find someone of every age in the swimming pool. That is the best part, there is no restriction and it is just so much fun to go swimming! In fact, it is a good cardio workout. That is why most old people go swimming, their doctors recommend it, especially for those who have had a heart bypass surgery or anything of that sort. It is healthy and keeps you in tip top shape.

A Good Calorie Burner
Swimming burns a lot of calories and the best part is that you won’t even get tired. Once your stamina is built after two or three days, you can swim for a longer time as compared to going running or even using machine equipment for some other kind of exercise. Actually, if you swim for an hour, you can burn close to five hundred calories! That really is something!

Why you should go swimming? Well, that question has already been answered hopefully. Doesn’t matter what age you are at, swimming is going to benefit you whether you are bordering across senility or are young with fervor. It will benefit you anyway. Summer is about to start, get going to the nearby pools and set a routine, guaranteed you will enjoy it and once you get used to it, it will become a terrific addiction!


Why You Cannot Skip Breakfast

Introduction And Background
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All around the world, men and women, boys and girls wake up in their homes and prepare a meal for themselves or have one prepared for them by the parents. It all happens at the start, before they have to go to work or go to school. Some families are prone to depending upon the combination of cereals and milk for the beginning of their day while some like to have the traditional egg and toast or maybe pancakes or French toast. In some parts of the world, the more cultural set draws in with maybe paratha and gravy in some parts of Asia or maybe just bacon, like in the American continents. Needless to say, everyone has got their own thing going on at breakfast but what cannot happen is the skipping of breakfast. You will rarely hear someone say they don’t want to eat it although you might have heard people say it about lunch or dinner. But breakfast is a meal one does not skip. Why is that so? Read on.

It Gives You The Energy To Start Your Day
Funnily enough, you keep reading that human bodies are not robots but like any machine that needs to start, humans require food. Food is their oil, gas, hydropower electricity or any other kind of fossil fuel used around the world for starting up cars or modern machinery. Each and every one of us requires food for energy to start the day. We can do without it of course, no one is going to die or drop dead by not having breakfast but not having breakfast is going to put us in a dreary mood. Have you noticed, a person gets cranky in the morning until they have had a cup of tea or maybe a bite of a sandwich? You need the energy, you need the stomach to not be giving you stomach pangs while you’re trying to concentrate on whatever it is that you’re doing. And an energized person also lightens up the day! You will feel more positive too.

It Starts Your Metabolic Rate
In case you are trying to lose weight and want to skip on a few things to eat, make sure that time is not breakfast. You should always have a proper breakfast meal. It starts your metabolic rate and keeps it going throughout the day. Those who have a flimsy breakfast or no breakfast at all will notice that their metabolic rate is not as fast as others who have proper meals to start the day. And we all know what an increased metabolic rate does; it burns calories at a faster rate. Thus, if you are on the weight loss regime, you should know your facts well about the body and apply yourself accordingly. If you want to eat less, eat less around lunch or dinner. Do not compromise on a good breakfast. And want to know a secret? Having a good breakfast also lowers the appetite! And if there is anything that dieters know it is this; appetite suppression is the key to weight loss and if someone has finally achieved that, their goal weight is not far.

It Sets The Pace For The Day
Your mood will behave accordingly, did you know that? A very high percentage of people are mood dependent on what they have in the morning before heading off. It makes you more active and affects your work as well. No matter what profession you are in or even if you are a student, you will always perform better if you have food in your stomach! As mentioned above, having breakfast can also make you less cranky. Having this in mind, have breakfast yourself and also ensure that those around you are in the habit of it as well. Sure, you won’t be cranky but do you want others to be annoyed and sullen as well? Of course not! Ask them not to skip breakfast too.

After all of this, you will have definitely come to the conclusion that breakfast is one meal that is not to be missed under any circumstances. Whether you are eight or are eighty or anywhere in between, the most important meal of the day for you will always be breakfast and it shall remain that way. Educate those who are dear to you because it is a very healthy habit to have. Especially in the age of today, where time is short and most are generally running hurriedly in the morning to reach their destinations, they should know that waking up a little early and having time to sit and eat something will make their day healthier, better and also easier.



Reduce The Fat From Your Arms

Introduction And Background
Wearing dresses and nice tops often becomes a difficult task for women if they have fat arms or fat on their back. It tends to reduce their confidence and sweats and t-shirts are there proposed choice of clothes after that, their dreams to wear cool dresses shattered. Well, instead of moping about and complaining about fat arms, isn’t it better to do something about it? It is not that difficult a task, as long as you know how to do it and as long as you are determined to keep it up. This article will tell you about exercises and how you can reduce the fat from your arms by controlling your diet as well. It won’t take that much time either. Most can see a difference in about one to two weeks if there is consistency in the exercise and diet.

You Have To Diet
Keep this in your mind before doing anything else because if you are eating the same and even exercising, chances are that you might be losing just a little fat and toning your arms a little. But the circumference might probably remain the same. For this reason, you have to keep in mind that dieting is not debatable and is not even an option, it is necessary. Reduce the carbs to a bare minimum and also the fats. Try to concentrate more on the proteins in your diet and increase their intake if hungry. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits that are not that high on the calorie scale and proteins such as eggs, lean meat.

Exercise no. 1
The first exercise that you should do is a very gradual one and even a small kid would be able to do it. All you have to do is raise your arms to a level that matches your head, on the sides. Then slowly, begin to turn it into supination and pronation positions. These are medical terms which means that the palms should be facing the ceiling (supination) and then facing the ground (pronation). Do this for as long as you can without getting tired.

Exercise no. 2
After you warm up with that exercise, don’t just move your arms but also move your whole arm a little forward and a little backward when changing the positions. It will seem as if you are first trying to swim forward and then swim backward. Keep doing this till you get tired. Take a break for two to three minutes and the start doing it again, it won’t tire you out completely.

Exercise no. 3
After the first two exercises, now is the time to really get it going. Move your entire arm in a circular motion, still being raised to the side and now going further up or further down. Your entire arm should be straight and not bent. Do this for at least ten minutes. It will make you very tired at first but then gradually you’ll be able to increase your exercising time when you develop stamina.

Exercise no. 4
The next thing you need to do is to get a few dumbbells of different weights, whatever you’re comfortable with. Usually people prefer weights of either one to two kilograms for the arms because they just want to lose weight and tone a little, not go into proper weightlifting mode. For that, one or two kilograms is good enough. With those dumbbells, you’re supposed to do the lifting exercises. It can either be just lifting them and flexing your biceps, bringing the weight to your face and then lowering it or it can be lifting them above your head and then bringing them down again. The choice is yours and whatever you’re comfortable with because you can lose fat around your arms in both the methods.

The exercises written above are enough for losing fat around the arms, you don’t need to go any further than that or any lesser than that. What you need to do is repeat these exercises daily and just keep increasing the time gradually and see how far you can go without getting really soaked up. Take it slow at first because you don’t want to get discouraged during the first day! When you get used to it and look forward to it, begin to increase the time.

Luckily for most people, losing fat around the arms is not that hard. It does not take a lot of time and does not require any machinery or a lot of space either. In fact, you can even do without the dumbbells and use a heavy ketchup bottle or a book or something! But don’t make it more complicated than this. It is the best routine for a beginner or a fitness freak alike and will reduce the fat from your arms, if you are dieting as well that is!


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