Filling Up On Fiber

Introduction And Background
The word fiber is not a stranger to those who are dieting or are beginning to diet or want to diet. The nutrient fiber is usually associated with either the old who are trying to watch their foods because of having heart conditions or any other such disease or those who are trying to lose weight. And fiber really helps too. If you are a dieter and don’t know the blessings of fiber, you should consider yourself unlucky and should get down to reading more about it immediately to get all the advantages of it that you can. This article aims to explain a little of that to you and how you can fill yourself up on fiber and get on the quick road to weight loss!

The Need To Suppress The Appetite
Before you can understand the importance of fiber, you need to understand the importance of appetite suppression. This is one thing that will definitely get you to lose weight and that is what you are looking to do, isn’t it? People often think that exercise will do it and that it is the key to weight loss. While it may help immensely in the process, the key is actually to suppress the appetite. It does not matter how much you exercise or how many hours you put in the gym, if you are not cutting down on what you eat, you will mostly be toning your body and maintaining your weight, not losing it. It is necessary for you to reduce your portions and reduce your appetite because in order for you to start burning body fat and shedding those pounds, your calorie intake has to be lesser than the calories you are burning in a day. And guess what? Fiber can help you suppress the appetite.

The Blessings Of Fiber
Fiber is looked at as a blessing by those who are trying to lose weight and are desperately trying to find something to eat that will not make them fat and will get rid of the hunger pangs that are constantly felt in the stomach. And other than that, fiber has a major role to play in health related matters for the long term. There are a lot of diets that encourage their followers to eat fiber rich foods and to stock up on items that contain fiber in case they feel hungry. Why is that so? Here is why:

  • Fiber helps to regulate blood sugar levels and avoid spikes that can either accommodate and appreciate the storage of fat or drive you crazy with hunger, depending on which direction the spike goes. Those foods which contain fiber can massively help in making sure that your glucose level in the blood is regulated and there is unnecessary involvement of insulin which can also affect the appetite and fat storage.
  • Cholesterol levels are also improved if you eat a lot of fiber as it can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the blood. So if you have cholesterol problems, look towards fiber.
  • It is extremely filling and can keep you content for a good number of hours which can make the need to snack up on food other than mealtimes go away. Filling up on fiber is what you should do!
  • Those who are dieting often experience constipation as they are not eating their regular things which can lead to discomfort and a change in pattern of passing stool. Fiber can fix that as it adds bulk to the stool and also enhances peristalsis, making one’s digestive problems go away.
  • Since fiber cannot be broken down by the enzymes in your system, this means that they release the least number of calories so you ought to feel safe in that department!

Fiber-Rich Foods that Fill You Up
Like all other nutrients presents in almost every other food, fiber is also present in minute or large amounts in most foods. However, you should know about the foods that contain the highest amount of fiber! Here you go:

  • Bran items such as oats, wheat, rice as well as corn are high in fiber and should be on the top of your list for eating if you want to fill yourself up.
  • Beans, especially kidney beans, are also rich in fiber and also have high protein content. You have a win-win situation with this one.
  • Fruits, especially passion fruit as well as apples and oranges are considered to be one of the best choices for fiber-rich foods.
  • Almost all vegetables, green leafy ones, have high fiber content.

Fiber is healthy in all matters of life. Whether you are facing constipation, heart disease or are in desperate need to lose weight, fiber will help in all these matters. All you have to do is have it in your diet.


Appetite Suppression Via Medical Drugs

Introduction And Background
The need to lose weight is something that drives obese people insane and why shouldn’t it? If they have put on weight, it could reach alarming levels which are not good for anyone to be honest. But there are ways that one can reduce weight if they want to. There are exercises, so many diets available for any kind of person with any kind of taste and there are drugs present too. However, most people do not go for medical drugs for appetite suppression which could lead to weight loss. Why is that? Read the article further to find out the pros and cons of using medical drugs and why exactly are people hesitant to utilize them for curing obesity.

The Term “Diet Pills”
Over the counter drugs that can bring about weight loss and suppress the appetite are often referred to as diet pills rather than medicine. They can be prescribed by your physician and sometimes you can purchase them without a prescription too, it really depends on the type of drug that you have selected. Diet pills are given to a person to help them in the process of losing weight, don’t think that they are some magical medical drugs that can cut down your weight without you having to make any sort of effort. When you hear people talking about diet pills, assume automatically that it is some sort of medication being taken to suppress the appetite and help one to go far away from obesity. However, keep one thing in mind though before trying them out. Talk to your doctor or physician before taking any. A consent from a medical officer to take a medical drug is always better, no matter how safe the drug seems to be.

What Are The Pros Of Medical Drugs For Appetite Suppression?
If you want to know why people take medical drugs, here are some points which are in favor of taking them to suppress the appetite.

  • They actually work. People who have taken them have reported to have at least about a ten percent of weight loss of their total body weight which is quite a lot if you look at it! There have been trials and researches by companies for diet pills and most of the people have been quite happy with the results that have been produced, where those at trial claim that their appetite does reduce after these pills have been taken.
  • Taking medical drugs not only suppresses the appetite, it does two other things as well. You still have energy in the body and you don’t feel a lot that your stomach is empty, even if it is. That means you are able to control your cravings. Not only that, even if you have taken food, you manage to feel full for a lot longer than when you did without taking the drugs.
  • Everyone knows how important metabolic rate is for weight loss and some of the drugs that are prescribed for weight loss act in a manner where they raise the metabolism rate, enabling the person to burn body fat at a faster pace.
  • They are not that expensive and certainly less costly than other natural appetite suppressants or any other type of product in the market.
  • They are easily available in the market and you don’t have to shop online or search for them since they must be available at the nearest pharmacy or drug store even.

What Are The Cons Of Medical Drugs For Appetite Suppression?
Now we turn to reasons why you should be hesitant in taking medical drugs for appetite suppression. There are always two sides to every story now, aren’t there?

  • All drugs have some sort of side effects. Whether or not the side effects are minimal or can be overlooked, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still there. In fact, tachycardia is one of the commonest symptoms of having taken these drugs which are not good for heart patients.
  • Some people lose weight quickly with these drugs but then maintaining it becomes a problem for them so that means weight gain for long term is something to be aware of.
  • The drugs work in a mechanism that is similar to coffee and the effects can occur or last quite a while which means that it can even become difficult to fall asleep at night.

Appetite suppression via medical drugs does work but it does not change the fact that you still need to be careful with taking them. It is best to consult a doctor and know the risks before you purchase them. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. However, they are a good option if you have tried losing weight naturally and cannot seem to.


Appetite Control: When There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Introduction And Background
When we talk about appetite, we usually talk about large appetites and how difficult they are to control. And having large appetites generally mean that obesity has either been reached or is not a very faraway destination. This article will aim to explain appetite and the control you can have over it if you really want to. If you have enough will to control your appetite, there is certainly a way you can achieve it. Remember, once the human mind puts their mind to something, it is either circumstance or luck that fails them. Otherwise, that thing is almost bound to happen. These words, in different words, have been said by many famous people!

Your Mind Over Matter
Ever watched an episode of the famous Tv show Grey’s Anatomy? It is a show about doctors and their lives. In one of the episodes, the main character of the show is feeling really nauseous and has some sort of viral bug and she has to give her board exams. Her friend tells her to use her brain and control her nausea and give the exam. She tells her to exhibit a show of “mind over matter” and to control what she is feeling. If one can control nausea, can’t one control their appetite and hunger pangs? This is where the line is used, where there is a will, there is a way. If you want to do something, you will end up doing it. If you truly want to lose weight, you can control your appetite and achieve what you set out for.

A Thing Psychiatrists Say…
A friend wanted to lose weight really badly before her wedding and although she was doing good most of the days, she found it excessively hard to stay away from any sweet things lying around the house or any desserts. She consulted a psychiatrist just like that who told her a trick that changed her life. He told her to look at the sweet item for a full ten seconds and shake her head from left to right, either saying “no” out loud or whispering in her head. After the ten seconds, she wouldn’t want to eat the sweet item and can walk away from it easily instead of devouring it. He said those ten seconds make her see sense and her ultimate goal and she can weigh in the consequences of what eating those extra calories would bring. It really helps and just using your head can bring about appetite control, imagine that!

Use Your Will Power…
Because it is the strongest thing you have. If you do not have enough will power to lose weight, you will never lose weight. Know why? It will be because you will not follow your diet, will probably cheat on your diet even if you try to follow it and in the end might even leave it because it isn’t doing you much good. Thus it is important to use you will power to control the appetite.

What Will Happen If You Do?
If you use your will power to control your appetite the first two or three days, gradually your appetite will have lessened itself and before you know it, you are effortlessly eating less than you did before. Isn’t that what everyone wants in the end? Appetite control in the most natural manner, by actually using your brain and control, you will be happier with the weight loss and it will be more permanent than any other way. If you decide to use drugs, you might become dependent on them and if you decide to use machines for appetite control, they have major consequences as well. Once a woman used a belt around her stomach for weight loss and since it gave away heat, her skin was burnt. Isn’t it better to use brain rather than such devices?

Appetite Control Means Weight Lost
If you have learned to control your appetite, consider it done that your weight will be lost. You don’t have to worry about it then because once you have got your eating habits under control, you will begin to shed pounds when the your calorie intake will be less than the number of calories you are burning in a day!

The conclusion that you can draw from this article is to believe in yourself. If you believe that you can control your appetite and will be able to achieve your goal, you can do it. If you already think in the beginning that it is hard and your will power isn’t into it much, the probability is high that you will fail at your diet. But trust yourself and apply the control you have and you will see results!

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